Software Development

"The colleagues appreciate how we communicate with each other."

Dr. Sandra Merkel, director of an R&D unit in the Test & Measurement Division

As a manager, Dr. Sandra Merkel works with her colleagues to develop software in our largest division. To learn about the projects she is working on and what she likes most about Rohde & Schwarz, click here.

Helping to shape the future as a software developer

The world of software development is constantly changing, with yesterday's hot trends emerging as today's industry standards.

At Rohde & Schwarz we are also increasingly implementing the functions of our products through software – which is why we need you!

Work with us to develop reliable solutions for a safer, more connected world. We'll give you all the support we can – with training geared to your needs, our own developers conference and much more!

What you can expect

Bring your skills on board!

As a software developer at Rohde & Schwarz you have many opportunities. For example, you can be responsible for the entire development process for embedded systems, ensure outstanding software quality, or implement your applications on-site at the customer's location. You can also support us with your expertise in interface programming for touchscreens or the implementation of test and measurement systems.

Myriam Rajih

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