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ASIC development at Rohde & Schwarz

Our jobs in system development and system integration

ASIC and FPGA are not just letters randomly strung together for you? Then you've come to the right place! We are currently looking for committed new colleagues for our "System Design and Hardware Development" department who would like to work with us on pushing the limits of what is technologically possible. Regardless of whether you are a young or experienced professional: If you are in the field of system development and integration, have a passionate interest in the latest technologies and enjoy developing solutions together as a team, then you should definitely read on now.

ASIC and FPGA development with the latest technologies

Working in this area is something very special, because both the product spectrum and the field of activity are enormously broad: There is hardly a Rohde & Schwarz device in which we haven't had our fingers in the pie. And there is certainly no room for boredom when it comes to the tasks involved: We take care of everything from product definition to system design and implementation. We measure, troubleshoot, conceptualize, test and always think out of the box. With us you can grow!

Our ASIC development jobs
ASIC and FPGA development at Rohde & Schwarz sounds exciting to you?

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This is who we are: Our team's introduction

Here we introduce ourselves: Who we are, what we do and why our work is so special. Get to know your potential new colleagues! (Please note: Video only available in German.)

Our ASIC development team
The top 5 reasons why you should join our department
  • Unique team spirit: Collegiality and helpfulness are our top priorities - our team spirit is unique.
  • Everyday learning: We love technological challenges and work very solution-oriented - with us you are guaranteed to learn something new every day.
  • Open working atmosphere: Exchanging different opinions and technical solutions is essential for us to find the best solution - we have an open and constructive working atmosphere.
  • Great variety: Our cooperation is cross-project and cross-departmental - this makes it varied and definitely not boring.
  • Continuous development: At our company, you work together with a wide variety of people on the most exciting technologies - including professional and personal growth.