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CMA180 / CMW100 GUI displays "Smartcard not found"


I could not start XRT100 on my CMA. When taking a look at the Virtual Box on the taskbar of my CMA180, I see that the CMW100 GUI displays "Smartcard not found".

What can I do to make it work correctly?


Sometimes the USB connection is not enabled on the CMW100. Please open the Devices / USB section in the VirtualBox menu.


If "Rohde & Schwarz RS CMW100" is not checked, please uninstall VirtalBox USB drivers as follows:

  • Click Windows-Start button
  • Right-click on Computer and select "Manage"
  • Select Device Manager
  • Open Universal Serial Bus controllers
  • Select VirtualBox USB and uninstall (do not delete the driver)
  • Open VirtualBox, select File and Close
  • Start by double-click on “VM_CMW100” on the desktop. VM is started minimized- please check the taskbar again.