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R&S®VTE Video Tester - Getting Started

The getting started manual is an excerpt from the user manual and provides basic information on the R&S®VTE video tester, a Rohde & Schwarz instrument.

It covers the following topics:

  • Basic safety instructions and general information
  • Interfaces and connectors of the base unit
  • Setting up and connecting the R&S®VTE video tester
  • Operating the R&S®VTE video tester in a network
  • Software installed on the R&S®VTE video tester, including information on backup and restore
  • Cleaning and storing the R&S®VTE video tester

A detailed description of the R&S®VTE video tester functionality is provided in the user manual.

Refer to the data sheet for additional information on the R&S®VTE video tester specifications.

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