R&S®EVSF1000 VHF/UHF Nav/Flight Analyzer

Efficient flight inspection of terrestrial navigation and communications systems

Base Unit
  • R&S®EVSF1-B4 Order No. 1330.1404.02
    Slide in option, factory fitted (retrofit not possible)

Software options
  • R&S®EVSG-K1 Order No. 1329.9005.02
    ILS CRS/CLR Analysis

  • R&S®EVSG-K2 Order No. 1329.9011.02
    VOR Analysis

  • R&S®EVSG-K3 Order No. 1329.9028.02
    Marker beacon analysis

  • R&S®EVSG-K4 Order No. 1329.9034.02
    GBAS Analysis

  • R&S®EVSG-K5 Order No. 1329.9040.02
    SCAT-I Analysis

  • R&S®EVSG-K6 Order No. 1329.9057.02
    COM Analysis

  • R&S®EVSG1-K7 Order No. 1329.9163.02
    LF Analysis

  • R&S®EVSG-K10 Order No. 1329.9063.02
    RF Spectrum Analysis

  • R&S®EVSG-K11 Order No. 1329.9070.02
    AF Spectrum Analysis

  • R&S®EVSG1-K25 Order No. 1329.9157.02
    I/Q data streaming

Recommended Extras
  • R&S®DCV-2 Order No. 0240.2193.10
    Documentation of Calibration Values

  • R&S®EVSF1-Z1 Order No. 1330.1410.02R&S®EVSF1-Z1 Tray, with mating connector
    Tray, with mating connector

    for R&S®EVSF1000 with R&S®EVSF1-B4 option

  • R&S®EVSF1-Z2 Order No. 1330.1427.02R&S®EVSF1-Z2 Service adapter, with mating connector
    Service adapter, with mating connector

    for R&S®EVSF1000 with R&S®EVSF1‑B4 option

  • R&S®EVSG1-Z8 Order No. 1330.0289.02
    Power Adapter

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