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  • R&S®FSE Spectrum Analyzers

    R&S®FSE Spectrum AnalyzersHighend Spectrum Analyzer up to 40 GHz This is a discontinued product Please note the following successor product(s):R&S®FSW Signal and Spectrum AnalyzerOverview Key FactsThe FSE spectrum analyzers from Rohde&Schwarz have been optimized both for general-purpose measurements and meeting the stringent requirements of testing advanced digital communication systems. Key

  • R&S®FSQ Signal Analyzer

    functionUp to 80 measurements/s in manual modeSCPI-compatible GPIB command setGPIB command set compatible with the R&S®FSE/R&S®FSIQ and legacy HP spectrum analyzerFast ACP measurement in time domainStatistical signal analysis with CCDF functionRMS detectorTransducer factor for correcting antenna or cable frequency responsesHarmonic distortion measurement functionSpurious emission measurements with up to

  • R&S®ESIB EMI Test Receivers

    ®ESIB26 and R&S®ESIB40 can be extended up to 110 GHz by means of external mixers (options R&S®FSE-B21 and mixers R&S®FS-Zxx required).Scope of applicationEach R&S®ESIB offers features and test routines for the various stages of product development as well as for the final EMC certification tests.The main users of the R&S®ESIB areEMC test houses and service providersGovernmental organizationsSafety

Results 1 - 3 of 3
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