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  • R&S®TSMU Radio Network Analyzer

    R&S®TSMU Radio Network AnalyzerCompact drive test solution This is a discontinued product Please note the following successor product(s):R&S®TSME Ultracompact Drive Test Scanner Overview OptionsKey Facts Technology options: WCDMA, GSM, CDMA2000® 1xEV- DO and CW 3G multicarrier use for demodulating broadcast information Spectrum measurements with the RF power scan optionKey FactsTechnology options

  • R&S®TSMX-PPS2 GPS Module

    synchronisation/PPS outputPrecise synchronization of an R&S®TSMx drive test scannerSupported instrumentsR&S®TSMX-PPS2 with time synchronisation/PPS pulses can be used in combination with one of the following instruments:R&S®TSMQR&S®TSML-C/-G/-WR&S®TSML-CW/-GWR&S®TSMU with R&S®TSMU-K11/-K12/-K13System configurationIndependent (configuration 1): R&S®TSMX-PPS2 and supplied USB cable for connecting to a PC

  • R&S®TS51GA30 Coverage Suitcase System

    R&S®TS51GA30 Coverage Suitcase SystemCompact case system for outdoor measurementsOverview Key Facts High-end R&S® TSML/TSMU/TSMQ radio network analyzer Up to four mobile phones Supported mobile phones (Samsung, Nokia, Qualcomm, Triorail)Key FactsHigh-end R&S®TSML/TSMU/TSMQ radio network analyzerUp to four mobile phonesSupported mobile phones (Samsung, Nokia, Qualcomm, Triorail)QoS measurements

  • R&S®TSML Radio Network Analyzer

    analysis (e.g. WCDMA and GSM)Compact size and weight, similar to the R&S®TSMU and R&S®TSMQ“Ready to go” solution with R&S®ROMES4 softwareFlexible system expansion by other data acquisition devices, e.g. test mobile phones, GPS or other receiversSystem configurations are available as backpack, suitcase or vehicle mounted 19” rack solutionSpecifications Bandwidth: 4 MHz Resolution bandwidth: 10 kHz

  • R&S®TSML-CW Radio Network Analyzer

    Powerful scanner for CW applications

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