TH1 Launch

Shaping a sustainable and connected future

R&S®TH1 Liquid-cooled transmitter

The TH1 is a radically new approach to liquid-cooled, high-power transmitters from Rohde & Schwarz. Designed for sustainable broadcasting in the connected world, it turns three critical challenges into opportunities for broadcast network operators: reduce energy costs and carbon footprint; increase operational efficiency and resilience; and unlock new broadcast applications, thereby creating revenue opportunities for the operator.

The new transmitter is at least 15% more energy efficient than even the best current designs. New opportunities include 5G Broadcast, which can be used for direct transmission to mobile devices and for data delivery to IoT applications like automotive applications.

TH1 Launch Video

The new R&S®TH1 in numbers

Average reduction of carbon footprint compared to installed base by more than
50 %
Reduction of energy costs compared to current benchmark designs by
15 %
Future broadcast applications unlocked

Specifications in brief

Sustainable Broadcasting

Sustainable Broadcasting

The improved power amplifier design delivers a dramatic increase in energy efficiency, representing a 15% reduction in power consumption over even the most efficient of current designs, and a reduction of the carbon footprint by more than 50% compared to the average installed base.

Resilient Broadcasting

Resilient Broadcasting

The design of the all-new R&S®TX1 transmitter series eliminates all single points of failure making the transmitter highly resilient, and enables self-repairing and remote monitoring, reducing the cost of routine maintenance, another significant saving in cost as well as boosting reliability to the maximum.

The Future for Broadcasting

The Future for Broadcasting

Ready for 5G Broadcast, the new R&S®TH1 transmitter unlocks the potential for new broadcast applications for e.g. the automotive industry, public safety alerts or warnings and the Internet of Things, and therefores shapes a prosperous future for operators through new business opportunities.

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