New Workflow Architecture for Bangkok-Based Postique

One of the leading post production facilities in Asia, Bangkok-based Postique, pushed its workflow architecture to the next level: Future-proof DVS equipment became the facility’s new technological backbone.

Unique Setup

Three CLIPSTER® systems were placed at the heart of Postique’s DI workflow thanks to their real-time conforming, real-time processing of RAW files, and faster than real-time DCI Mastering. With a unique hardware platform and a specially developed hardware accelerator, the award-winning DVS system managed to decode and demosaic RAW files in full quality at 4K 12 bit RGB mode in real time. Furthermore, CLIPSTER® enabled the generation of DCI Masters in 3D.

High-Performance Production Storage

With six DVS SpycerBoxes altogether, Postique selected high-performance production storage that quickly and reliably transfers high-resolution projects, thus yielding considerable time savings for editors and colorists. All workstations and grading nodes accessed the SpycerBoxes not only as SAN (Storage Area Network) systems, but also as NAS (Network Attached Storage).

Accelerated Data Management

The award-winning DVS software Spycer® enabled facility-wide, cross-platform data management and speeded up the data flow: Users at Postique were able to easily search the entire network for image data and their metadata and move the content where it was currently needed. As a result, organizing became significantly more transparent and reliable, while the extensive Spycer® feature granted complete content control.

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