ATC radios with the ability to detect simultaneous transmissions

Detection of simultaneous transmissions

ATC radios with the ability to detect simultaneous transmissions

Software defined radios (SDR) from Rohde & Schwarz are the market leaders in air traffic control. The most recent innovation is detection of simultaneous transmissions (DSiT). Rohde & Schwarz offers the world's first ATC radios for detect simultaneous transmissions.

The number of aircraft movements are constantly increasing and so are the demands on air traffic control. It also increases the likelihood of two pilots speaking at the same time. This becomes a problem when the air traffic controller fails to notice simultaneous transmissions. Such situations can pose a considerable safety risk.

The R&S®Series4200 ATC radios have the patented ability to automatically detect simultaneous transmissions. As soon as a simultaneous transmission is detected, the air traffic controller receives an acoustic or visual warning at his/her working position. Existing radios can easily be updated with this functionality via a software update.

The DSiT event information is derived from the ED-137B standard. An R&S®VCS 4G CWP automatically displays this information. In accordance with ED-137B, this information can also be integrated in voice communications systems from other standard compliant manufacturers.

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