Satellite navigation testing

Satellite positioning (GNSS, GPS etc.)

Creating and simulating satellite-based navigation systems

GNSS simulators from Rohde & Schwarz are able to generate signals from all operational satellite-based navigation systems, including GPS, Glonass, Galileo, BeiDou, SBAS and QZSS in the frequency bands L1, L2 and L5. Simulation capabilities include correct modelling of satellite orbits including orbit errors and perturbations as well as other typical error sources like ionospheric and tropospheric effects as well as satellite clock errors.

Ideal for testing automotive GNSS receivers

GNSS test solutions from R&S are the ideal tool for testing automotive GNSS receivers, providing a complete feature set to set up test scenarios for automotive applications. This includes

  • Simulation of a moving receiver with consideration of vehicle attitude
  • Realistic environment simulation with consideration of signal obscuration and multipath effects, including configurable scenarios for driving through urban canyons or tunnels and consideration of signal obscuration by the simulated vehicle itself
  • Real time streaming of external trajectory data to the GNSS simulator; by using this feature, the simulator can be operated in a hardware- or vehicle-in-the-loop environment (HiL/ViL).
  • Simulation of interference and coexistence scenarios to test the receiver’s resilience against typical GNSS threats including jamming and spoofing

Be compliant

GNSS simulation solutions from R&S allow to test automotive GNSS receivers and emergency call systems. R&S offers solutions for

  • Testing GNSS receivers against standards of the EU’s Radio Equipment Directive (RED)
  • Conformance and performance testing of eraGlonass modules
  • Conformance and performance testing of eCall modules


  • Realistic: scenarios with consideration of typical GNSS error sources
  • Customizable: GNSS testing under controlled conditions
  • Repeatable: Ensure identical conditions for each test run

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Rohde & Schwarz GNSS Stimulation empowers AVL DRIVINGCUBE™ test environment

Rohde & Schwarz GNSS Stimulation empowers AVL DRIVINGCUBE™ test environment

GNSS signals 8eg. GPS) are of major importance for positioning and tracking, orientation and safety-related information, such as congestion in road traffic. With collaboration between two of the worlds leading providers of measuring and automotive testing systems now permits the reproduction of realistic GNSS reception conditions for testbed vehicle testing.

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GNSS receiver stimulation on automotive test-beds for self-driving cars

GNSS receiver stimulation on automotive test-beds for self-driving cars

New possibilities for validating advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving functions combining a complete vehicle on a vehicle test bed with physical sensor stimulation results in fast, reproducible and cost-efficient testing. All possible driving scenarios can be executed under realistic and safe conditions.

Download now

Advanced GNSS Testing

Webinar: GNSS Navigation

Test your receiver’s resilience against jamming and unintentional interference

The webinar discusses latest requirements for GNSS test solutions and demonstrates state of the art simulation for advanced multi-frequency scenarios from Rohde & Schwarz.

Duration: 40 minutes

Further information

App card: Hardware-in-the-loop testing with GNSS receivers made easy

The hardware-in-the-loop options for the R&S®SMBV100B and the R&S®SMW200A GNSS simulators enable realistic, cost-efficient and flexible testing in a user-controlled environment.

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App card: GNSS receiver testing in accordance to RED 2014/53/EU Article 3.2

Rohde & Schwarz presents a customizable solution for testing GNSS receivers to ensure a certain resilience against (legal) interference from neighboring bands.

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App note: GPS, Glonass, Galileo, BeiDou receiver testing using a GNSS signal simulator

Automated or remote controlled custom GNSS receiver testing made easy, reliable and cost efficient.

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App card: Test your eCall and ERA-Glonass system modules

Perform efficient vehicle type approval tests of eCall / ERA-Glonass cellular modems and their GNSS receivers.

More information

App note: Simulating automatic obscuration and multipath for realistic GNSS receiver testing

The R&S®SMBV100A is both, a versatile general-purpose vector signal generator and a powerful GNSS signal simulator.

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Customer voices

AVL Deutschland GmbH

Dr.-Ing. Tobias Düser, Head of Advanced Solution Lab at AVL Deutschland GmbH

“In Rohde & Schwarz, we now have a strong and reliable partner for GNSS stimulation. By generating consistent GNSS signals in connection with environment simulation, AVL DRIVINGCUBE™ now provides a test system that allows users to validate GNSS-based driver assistance systems and autonomous driving features.”

Related products

R&S®SMBV100B vector signal generator

R&S®SMBV100B vector signal generator

In order to characterize the performance of GNSS receivers, their basic functions need to be tested under controlled and repeatable conditions. The GNSS simulator in the R&S®SMBV100B is the ideal tool for single- and multi-frequency receiver characterization.

Product information

R&S®SFC compact moldulator

R&S®SMW200A vector signal generator

The R&S®SMW200A is the vector signal generator for the most demanding applications. Thanks to its flexibility, performance and intuitive operation, it is a perfect tool for generating complex, digitally modulated, high-quality signals.

Product information


R&S®FSV signal and spectrum analyzer

The R&S®FSV and the R&S®FSVA are a family of versatile signal and spectrum analyzers for users working in the development, production, installation and servicing of RF systems.

Product information

DC Power supplies for versatile automotive test applications

DC Power supplies for versatile automotive test applications

From R&D laboratory to production test system the highly versatile, yet compact designed R&S power supplies portfolio from basic bench model to modular high-performance product will power your tests.

Product information

R&S®WinIQSIM2™ simulation software

R&S®WinIQSIM2™ simulation software

R&S®WinIQSIM2™ was especially developed to easily generate digitally modulated signals on a PC. The graphical user interface allows intuitive operation by offering a convenient way to create standard-conforming waveforms for many configurable digital standards and to generate multicarrier signals and multisegment waveforms.

Product information

Our experts

Dr. Markus Irsigler, Product Manager for GNSS applications

Dr. Markus Irsigler, Product Manager for GNSS applications

"GNSS will play an essential role when implementing automated and autonomous driving features into cars. With GNSS test solutions from Rohde & Schwarz our customers can verify and validate the positioning features of their GNSS devices under controlled and realistic conditions."


High-End GNSS simulation with the R&S®SMW200A video series

In this video series we are covering the new R&S®SMW200A GNSS simulator. A general discussion of today’s GNSS testing needs is followed by an overview of key features and possible GNSS configurations for the R&S®SMW200A.

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