Signal integrity test

Signal Integrity: Interface test

Signal Integrity is essential for the correct functioning of all interfaces in your digital design. It is highly influenced by the transmitter and receiver implementation in the chip, as well as the design of the transmission channel, including PCB traces, vias, connectors and cables. Eye diagrams provide an immediate insight to judge the quality of the signal. As Signal Integrity impairments are often pattern-dependent, a high acquisition rate is helpful to catch many acquisitions in a reasonable time and catch worst case scenarios in the eye diagram. For further analysis and debug, these tests are typically flanked by an accurate measurement and decomposition of jitter and noise as well as TDR/TDT measurements on critical signal traces. Probing is key to get good measurement results and deembedding is used to remove the effects of the signal path between probe point and test point and to get accurate results at the desired measurement plane. With real-time deembedding, even triggering on the corrected waveform is possible.

With expertise in both the time and frequency domain and by working closely with the corresponding standardization bodies, Rohde & Schwarz provides a wide range of Signal Integrity solutions for interface test, on system- as well as on chip-level.

Webinars for Interface test

Webinar: Introduction to novel Rohde & Schwarz approach for jitter decomposition

Jitter separation is of critical importance for debugging and discovering the jitter root cause. With this webinar, we will present a new Rohde & Schwarz approach for doing just that.

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Webinar: Demystifying deembedding for testing high-speed digital and RF signals

This webinar explores the impact of the measurement setup on the results and the optimal methods required when dealing with high-speed digital and RF signal measurements.

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Webinar: 5 steps to a realtime eye diagram - signal integrity debugging

This webinar is intended for engineers who work on the design and testing of high-speed interfaces. We will start with typical design challenges and methods in order to approach the signal integrity analysis.

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Documents for Interface test

Signal integrity analysis for high speed datacom interfaces

The R&S®RTP and R&S®RTO2000 oscilloscopes provide options for a signal model based jitter and noise decomposition. This approach inherently also delivers the step response of the system. Analysis is possible in time and frequency domain, also displaying magnitude and phase of the system's frequency response without the need for any extra connections.

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Signal model based approach to joint jitter and noise decomposition

Accurate separation of jitter and noise sources is critical in validation and debug of high-speed serial signals. Compared to traditional methods, the signal model based approach provides a higher decomposition accuracy. It also delivers results like rising and falling step response for further analysis.

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Realtime deembedding with the R&S®RTP

Deembedding the test fixtures and cables of a test setup is essential for valid measurements on digital interfaces. The R&S®RTP oscilloscope option K122 provides real-time deembedding to trigger and measure on the actual signal properties in real-time.

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Optimize differential measurements on high-speed interfaces

The R&S®RT-ZM modular probe system supports measurements in differential mode and common mode as well as single-ended measurements. The ground connection prevents the circuit from floating and ensures stable and reproducible signals.

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Enhancing channel-to-channel alignment for accurate phase-coherent multichannel acquisition

Measurement and alignment of channel-to-channel skew is an important prerequisite, when doing accurate multichannel measurements. R&S®RTO and R&S®RTP oscilloscopes provide an optional high-speed differential pulse source (R&S®RTO-B7 and R&S®RTP-B7) to facilitate this alignment.

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Faster debugging using specialized triggers

The digital trigger system in R&S oscilloscopes directly accesses the acquired samples in real-time, supporting a large selection of trigger conditions with an unrivaled accuracy.

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Jitter analysis with R&S®RTO Digital Oscilloscope

Jitter is a main concern in Signal Integrity analysis. With the options R&S®RTP-K12 and R&S®RTO-K12, R&S oscilloscopes can measure TIE jitter, period jitter, cycle-cycle jitter, etc. and offer result displays like jitter track, histogram or spectrum.

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Videos for Interface test

Advanced Jitter Analysis with R&S Oscilloscopes

Advanced Jitter Analysis with R&S Oscilloscopes

R&S®RTx-K133 introduces a novel, signal model based jitter decomposition. Compared to traditional methods, it provides a higher decomposition accuracy and also delivers valuable results like rising and falling step response for further analysis.

TDR/TDT Analysis with R&S Oscilloscopes

TDR/TDT Analysis with R&S Oscilloscopes

TDR/TDT measurement, analyzing impedance and transmission loss with R&S®RTP-K130. The option includes an easy-to-use calibration wizard to move the reference plane of the measurement to the required position.

Realtime deembedding

Realtime deembedding with the R&S®RTP

Realtime Deembedding of a signal path with R&S®RTP oscilloscope option K122. Trigger on signal events only detectable in a deembedded signal.

Industry-leading mask test: quick configuration – reliable results

Industry-leading mask test: quick configuration - reliable results

Measurements with eye diagrams, and definition of eye masks with R&S®RTO. Mask tests quickly reveal whether a specific signal lies within defined tolerance limits, providing pass/fail evaluation of the device under test.

Signal integrity measurements with jitter analysis

Jitter analysis with R&S®RTO

Measurement of TIE jitter with R&S®RTO oscilloscope option K12. Analysis of TIE jitter of a clock signal in statistics, track, histogram and spectrum view, to detect disturbances on the clock.

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