Signal integrity test

Signal Integrity: PCB and Interconnect test

Proper design of PCB traces, vias, connectors and cables is essential to ensure Signal Integrity on the transmission channel. Performance is typically characterized by insertion loss and return loss as well as near-end crosstalk (NEXT) and far-end crosstalk (FEXT). Giving insights to a potential EMI or EMS coupling path, mode conversion like e.g. differential to common mode conversion is often specified and needs to be tested. Frequency domain parameters are also transformed into the time domain to view discontinuities and impedance over the signal structure as well as signal rise/fall time, intra-pair and inter-pair skew. Also eye diagrams and eye mask tests are often performed based on the measured S-parameters.

To avoid a cumbersome TRM / TRL calibration with multiple standards, deembedding is required to accurately characterize lead-ins and lead-outs to the DUT (device under test). With this, the lead-ins and lead-outs are removed from the measurement and accurate measurements of the DUT can be done. The characterized lead-in also can be used for deembedding this signal path in an oscilloscope measurement.

With expertise in both the time and frequency domain and by working closely with the corresponding standardization bodies, Rohde & Schwarz provides a wide range of Signal Integrity solutions to test PCBs and interconnects and to characterize lead-ins for use in oscilloscopes to deembed from the measurement results.

Webinars for PCB and Interconnect test

Webinar: Advanced deembedding - accurate fixture modelling for precise VNA measurements of non-coaxial DUTs

Broadcast date: October 27, 2021

This webinar is intended for engineers working on the design and testing of high-speed digital electronics.

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Webinar: Signal integrity analysis on PCB and interconnects

This webinar is created for engineers who work on signal integrity with digital designs. It will focus on aspects of channel influence through PCB and interconnects such as impedance mismatch, losses and frequency response on PCB material, unintended crosstalk and resonant structures.

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Documents for PCB and Interconnect test

Precise measurements on high-speed digital PCBs with the R&S®ZNB

With the advanced time domain option, R&S®ZNB-K20, the R&S®ZNB provides accurate tests of eye diagram, rise time, skew, etc. on digital high-speed signal structures. Additional deembedding tools can be installed to remove the effects of lead-ins and lead-outs.

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The Importance of Accurate S-Parameters for PAM-4 Applications

Accurate S-Parameter measurements are required to characterize insertion loss, return loss and crosstalk of signal structures in high-speed digital designs. Channel Operating Margin (COM) and Effective Return Loss (ERL) are introduced to describe the channel performance for a defined transmitter and receiver model.

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Time Domain Measurements using Vector Network Analyzer ZNA

Introduction to network analyzer based TDR/TDT measurements: impulse and step response, resolution in time and distance, step size and unabiguous range, windowing and time domain gating

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Verify high frequency signal integrity on printed circuit boards

With growing data rates, PCB signal structures need to be designed for frequencies such as 40GHz and beyond. Growing need for back drill inspection and the corresponding inboard test of the functional signal structures require fast and fully automated test solutions.

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Rapid Characterization of High Speed Digital Channels using a Multiport VNA

The Vector Network Analyzers (VNA) is the instrument of choice for characterizing high-speed digital channels. Compared to traditional 4-port VNAs, multiport VNAs like R&S®ZNBT provide significant advantages, when measuring IL, RL, NEXT and FEXT in multi-lane signal structures.

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Videos for PCB and Interconnect test

Signal Integrity Measurements

Signal integrity measurements

In combination with the advanced time domain option R&S®ZNA-K20, the R&S®ZNA vector network analyzer offers a variety of Signal Integrity measurements, like eye diagram, rise time, skew, etc.. A USB-C cable is analyzed in frequency and time domain.

Signal integrity testing on differential signal structures with the R&S®ZNB

Signal integrity testing on differential signal structures with the R&S®ZNB

Measurement of risetime, impedance, intra-pair skew, interpair-skew, etc. with the advanced time-domain option R&S®ZNB-K20.

Eye diagram analysis with the R&S®ZNB: introduction

Eye diagram analysis with R&S®ZNB: Introduction

Measurement of eye diagrams and eye mask testing with the advanced time-domain option R&S®ZNB-K20. The option allows the analysis of jitter and noise as well as emphasis and equalization on the measured eye diagram.

Eye diagram analysis with the R&S®ZNB: how to set up the measurements

Eye diagram analysis with R&S®ZNB: How to set up the measurements

Measurement of eye diagrams and eye mask testing with the advanced time-domain option R&S®ZNB-K20. The option allows the analysis of jitter and noise as well as emphasis and equalization on the measured eye diagram.

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