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Numerous applications in vehicles, communication devices, industrial controllers and medical equipment use embedded systems that have high reliability, energy efficiency, electromagnetic compatibility and security requirements.

At embedded world, Rohde & Schwarz presents innovative solutions for testing the properties of electronic systems. Examples include measurements on fast digital interfaces and power supplies, Bluetooth® LE modules and searching for electromagnetic interference on PCBs. For automotive applications, automotive Ethernet measurements and the simulation of battery cells for testing 48 V battery management systems are demonstrated.

Visit us in Hall 4, Booth 218, at embedded World 2020 in Nuremberg and check out the innovative solutions from Rohde & Schwarz.

High-speed digital interface testing

High speed digital interface testing

High speed digital interfaces are at the core of all electronic designs. Increasing data rates and growing integration density create new challenges for designs at the IC, board and system level.
Find out at embedded world all about our powerful tools for system verification and debugging as well as compliance testing for signal integrity on interfaces, PCBs and interconnections.

On display:

  • Advanced jitter analysis with innovative signal model based jitter decomposition algorithm
  • TDR/TDT debugging on a real-time oscilloscope with up to 16 GHz analysis bandwidth
  • Power integrity measurements through impedance analysis on high speed digital interfaces
Power electronics testing

Embedded power testing

The performance of embedded power electronics and power supplies as well as stable and clean power rail signals are the basis for reliable performance of electronic devices. An important task is to measure the current consumption of IoT devices in all phases and during transitions, e.g. from sleep to active mode.
Discuss with our T&M experts ways to improve the performance of your embedded design.

On display:

  • PWM measurements on D/A converters, DC/DC power supplies and inverters, e.g. VFD of DC motors and three-phase motor drives
  • Current consumption measurements on IoT devices
  • Instrument control via automated SCPI scripts for service and maintenance tasks
Automotive test solutions

Automotive test solutions

Automotive Ethernet is a relatively new bus type designed to meet the need for high data throughput, low latency and less weight for new automotive applications.
48 V power supply systems have become reality and first models are entering the market.
Come to embedded world and see our latest automotive test solutions for automotive Ethernet and battery management systems.

On display:

  • Compliance tests for automotive Ethernet (100BASE-T1, 1000BASE-T1, 2.5GBASE-T1)
  • Automotive Ethernet 1000Base-T1 TC9 measurements
  • Battery cell simulation for testing battery management systems
Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) testing

Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) testing

Bluetooth® LE with its extremely low power consumption, very fast pairing and worldwide use of the 2.4 GHz band addresses many applications requiring short-range, low-power data connectivity.
Be sure not to miss a demonstration at embedded world of our wireless connectivity tester covering Bluetooth® Classic and Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) testing in signaling and non-signaling mode.

On display:

  • Introduction of world’s first radio controlled Bluetooth® v5.2 LE test mode
  • Preconformance testing for Bluetooth® v5.1 indoor navigation
EMI debugging

EMI debugging

A significant number of products fail EMC compliance testing the first time. Every day spent debugging, isolating and correcting the EMI problem increases the time to market. To address these challenges, it makes sense to perform EMI tests during the product design cycle.
Find out how to tackle possible EMC issues in the design phase.

On display:

  • EMI debugging on PCB boards
  • Precompliance diagnosis in the lab and service
  • EMI debugging solution to address conducted and radiated emissions

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