RF & microwave component testing

RF microwave & component testing

Enable new applications with RF component testing

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At Rohde & Schwarz, we understand that a reliable partnership is key when working on the next generation of RF and microwave components. That’s why we’ve released user-friendly test solutions to support you in the development of innovative RF microwave components.

Our portfolio covers the entire spectrum of RF component testing, from R&D to production. Discover the perfect solution, regardless of your focus - be it energy efficiency, enhanced sensitivity, higher frequencies or wider bandwidth. Our solutions for RF microwave component testing offer reduced test times to expedite design cycles and ensure improved performance, sensitivity and stability.

For automation, we offer built-in SCPI recorders. We also collaborate with leading partners to provide turnkey on wafer and load pull solutions.

Solutions for RF microwave component testing

Amplifier testing

Power amplifiers get the RF signal to the right power level to ensure proper transmission.

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Antenna testing

Antennas are receiving more and more attention in the system level design due to MIMO and active beamforming.

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Data converter design & testing

In communications and many industrial sectors, data converters are an essential part of all RF designs.

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Device characterization and production test

RF components need reliable test and measurement solutions for consistent product quality.

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EVM characterization and PA linearization

EVM enables high data throughput and is key to proper communication system performance.

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Load pull testing

Discover a load pull measurement setup from an industry leader in load pull testing.

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Mixers and frequency converter testing

Mixers are used for modulators, phase detectors, frequency converters and synthesizers in many RF systems.

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On-wafer testing

RF probing for on-wafer and die testing is performed using dedicated probe stations. Check out how you benefit from proven integrations of T&M and probe stations.

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Oscillator, clock and PLL testing

Oscillators are used for RF synthesis and as clocks in digital designs.

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Passive component testing

Passive components include RF filters, combiners, switches, couplers, cables, connectors and PCB boards.

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