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Munich apr 04, 2018

Rohde & Schwarz at the IP Showcase at NAB 2018: try out SMPTE 2110 under realistic conditions

Rohde & Schwarz will feature three system devices at the IP Showcase at NAB 2018. Under the auspices of the Video Services Forum (VSF), vendors and broadcasters who plan to switch to IP can check the interoperability of products under realistic conditions in accordance with SMPTE 2110 and the AMWA NMOS specification. Rohde & Schwarz is providing its R&S PRISMON monitoring and multiviewer solution along with its R&S VENICE media server and its encoding and multiplexing solution, the R&S AVHE100. The devices all support SMPTE 2110, TR04 and TR05 and help facilitate the switch from SDI to IP infrastructures. Rohde & Schwarz, with its technology and know-how, is contributing to the acceptance of new technologies and will demonstrate its IP expertise.

The R&S AVHE100 is able to receive a SMPTE 2110 stream and delivers an HEVC encoded transport stream .
The R&S AVHE100 is able to receive a SMPTE 2110 stream and delivers an HEVC encoded transport stream.

More than 75 manufacturers will demonstrate the advantages of workflows based on SMPTE 2110 and AMWA NMOS and present options for the shift to working with IP. Using a variety of IP setups, visitors can check whether their expectations match reality with regard to switching to IP. A studio based entirely on IP workflows will show two hours of live broadcast production every day. Covering over 300 square meters, the Showcase will exhibit various areas of compatibility between production, cameras and audiovisual mixing boards. This includes format flexibility, studio control room, system resiliency and data loss protection, the seamless transition to hybrid IP/SDI systems, audio flexibility, alignment and interoperability, and NMOS IS04/05.

Three Rohde & Schwarz devices will be deployed at the Showcase. The R&S AVHE100 is able to receive a SMPTE 2110 stream and delivers an HEVC encoded transport stream over IP for onward delivery. R&S PRISMON is able to simultaneously receive and monitor multiple SMPTE 2110 sources. They can be visualized for users in a straightforward manner on a multiviewer video wall. The R&S VENICE media server provides HD and UHD sources for onward distribution and will be used in the Showcase. The data is received by the test devices and successfully conveyed to UHD providers.

The full potential of IP in real-time media will be presented in a single large installation featuring devices from various manufacturers based on common IP interoperability standards and specifications. This is also intended to demonstrate the user friendliness and interoperability of IP solutions. Visitors can learn how the seamless transition from SDI to hybrid IP/SDI systems works. They can lay out a deterministic system and utilize new tools for automatic signal configuration.

The IP Showcase can be seen at booth C12634 in the central hall.

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Apr 4, 2018
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