Network testing lab confirms: R&S®Browser in the Box effectively protects against attacks from the Internet

Network testing lab Binary Testing has reviewed the product R&S®Browser in the Box from IT security expert Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity on behalf of Computing Security magazine. The results confirm the high effectiveness of the "virtual browser" protection mechanism against attacks from the Internet.

Munich, October 4, 2022 - The network testing lab describes the virtual browser as an innovative approach to the perennial problem of attacks from the Internet. According to the test report, "The R&S®Browser in the Box solution encapsulates the browser in a virtual machine (VM) and separates it entirely from the user's operating system, local data, hardware and corporate intranet. It establishes a proactive network separation throughout the network." And further, "At the same time, access to the Internet remains unrestricted for users and their familiar workflows. However, all applications and the operating system itself no longer have unrestricted access to the Internet or servers located there. This makes it impossible to load malicious code. The proactive separation also protects against unknown telemetry data or data leakage from new types of malware."

Binary Testing is the UK’s premier independent network testing lab and was commissioned by Computing Security magazine.

The test report also emphasizes that there are many approaches to protecting against attacks from the Internet. However, these are often time-consuming and costly. R&S®Browser in the Box, on the other hand, is a remarkably elegant solution that is easy to deploy. It also has impeccable credentials as it was developed in cooperation with the German Federal Office for Information Security.

"The test fully confirms our own findings," emphasizes Clemens A. Schulz, Director Endpoint Security at Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity. "With a virtual browser with network separation, public authorities and companies can effectively protect themselves from the increasing flood of attacks from the Internet and, for example, avoid falling victim to an extortion attack."

The report also notes that R&S®Browser in the Box is the only solution on the market that enables secure and full web conferencing participation. And the product's "Docs in the Box" feature allows users to open unsecured documents and preview them safely in the virtualized environment. This works with all popular file formats.

Running the browser in an isolated environment also has undeniable benefits, the report continues, as threats using active content such as JavaScript, ActiveX or HTML5, browser hijacking and malicious email links and harmful attachments are all effectively nullified.

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