R&S®Trusted Gate secures sensitive data in Microsoft Office 365 based on Microsoft Azure

R&S Trusted Gate is a security software solution for encrypting files built on Microsoft Azure. Previously, the solution could only be used by companies in their own data center, on-premises. Companies that use Microsoft Office 365 can now use R&S Trusted Gate to encrypt their Office 365 data using an Office add-in with the R&S Trusted Gate product family. R&S Trusted Gate is designed specifically for companies and organizations with very high security requirements, such as high-tech chemical or aerospace companies that process sensitive data or critical information. Thanks to a new virtualization process, only virtual copies of files on Office 365 are kept in the cloud without any confidential content - internal and external attacks remain unsuccessful.

Transparent working with encrypted data

As with Microsoft SharePoint On-premises, business processes and workflows in Office 365 remain unchanged. When a document is uploaded, a virtual copy of the original document (vDoc) is created. This vDoc contains only the metadata of the original document (such as keywords or classifications), without its confidential content. Authorized users can work with vDoc transparently and securely in Office 365, for example. The original document with sensitive content is first encrypted and then split into several parts (chunks) using a Software Defined Storage Module (SDS) and stored in on-premises servers selected by the user or in Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. The company determines on which storage systems its encrypted original data or chunks are stored. With R&S Trusted Gate, particularly security-critical or regulated companies can also work in the public cloud, whereby those data that require additional protection are stored in chunks of the original file in such a way that it can meet the requirements, for example, to ensure that they do not leave their own data center.

In line: (International) Regulations and the Public Cloud

Documents can be automatically encrypted using Azure Information Protection when they are classified. R&S Trusted Gate even enables secure full-text searches in encrypted documents. Access rights are defined for the relevant persons or groups - when the document is downloaded, it is then transparently decrypted again for authorized users. The corresponding security level of files can be defined automatically via a classification. A further advantage is that regulations and compliance regulations can be easily adhered to. Highly sensitive data does not leave the secure legal area.

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