Virtual private network

Virtual private network

VPN software and VPN security: anonymity and security between the internal network and the internet

VPN encryption is one way of effectively protecting data and voice communication

Today, it is evident that companies of all sizes need interconnecting workstations. Virtual private network (VPN) technology enables secure data exchange and VoIP phone calls between various sites via the public internet. This combines the advantages of open, widely-used TCP/IP architectures with the security of formerly used leased lines.

Every day, organizations transmit data back and forth in a LAN (Local Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network). The so-called data in motion needs to be protected and encrypted in order to keep it confidential. If you use VPN security, the virtual private network acts as a kind of intermediary and encrypts your data during transmission. It actively prevents eavesdropping attacks. All data that you transfer between different locations is protected without being assigned to a particular application. By applying your own public key infrastructure (PKI), you put a simple certificate-based solution in place. It thus increases the security level compared to pre-shared key solutions.

  • 72 percent of VPN users utilize a desktop client. Tablets remain the least popular device for VPN use with 33 percent of users having a VPN in place.
  • 8 in 10 are concerned about online privacy, and the majority said that they were more worried than in the previous year.
  • The rise of remote working leads to an increase VPN deployment. (Source: CIGI-IPSOS Global Survey – Internet Security & Trust (2019))

VPN security describes an encrypted connection over the Internet from a device such as a PC or smartphone to a network. Through the encrypted connection, you securely transmit sensitive data. This is also true for employees not working on-premises and still want to access the resources securely. The security and integrity of data in the IT network is a top priority for enterprises and authorities. Files and documents are both intellectual property and a competitive advantage. One of the decisive factors here is the security of the data during transmission (data in motion). The use of the internet infrastructure makes it a cost-efficient solution. VPN software ensures anonymity and security between the internal network and the internet.

Benefits of our VPN security

  • Use of state-of-the-art cryptography for the encryption of IP-based networks.
  • R&S®Trusted VPN appliances are preconfigured with safe parameter settings.
  • Easy administration through the management of logical VPN clouds.
  • Typical network administrators without special security or VPN training very quickly maintain highly secure virtual networks.
  • Hard-edged security and foolproof administration.
  • Automated, fully integrated PKI management via the central management system.
  • Sophisticated rights management as part of the central management: decentralized administration of the VPN infrastructure.

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Three VPN security advantages you should know

  • Authentication verifies that the sender of a VPN packet is a legitimate endpoint and not a device used by an attacker.
  • Integrity protects your data and sensitive information from changes during transmission.
  • Confidentiality protects government and corporate information and data from disclosure to unauthorized third parties.

How does our virtual private network (VPN) operate?

VPN encryption by Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity consists of two main components:

  • A central management server and
  • a VPN appliance as a VPN gateway deployable in several variations at remote sites and the headquarter.

Both components are provided as ready-to-use appliances that have been effectively hardened for security purposes as you can see in this chart.

Benefits of our VPN software for secure mobile working

  • Protection via BSI-certified (BSI is the Federal Office for Information Security in Germany) cryptographic methods.
  • The VPN client is fully software based and supports conventional hardware requirements.
  • Establishing a VPN connection does not require the use of third-party devices.
  • Easy administration for secure remote connections.
  • Our solution supports existing VPN gateways from different manufacturers.
  • Multi-factor authentication: Secure access authorization is provided by several independent authentication mechanisms.

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