Security suite

Security suite

Comprehensive protection for endpoint devices

Desktop systems have lost their exclusive status within authorities’ IT departments with notebooks, tablets, smartphones and IoT devices increasingly populating an ecosystem once dominated by PCs. Comprehensive and resilient platforms are indispensable for successfully mastering the digitalization. The best way for authorities and companies to adapt to these changes in the working environment is an all-round solution consisting of an encrypted network connection, data encryption and secure web browsing. Subsequently, all endpoints are secured – no matter where the employee is located.

Instead of numerous individual solutions, IT departments are looking for integrated solutions. With the new R&S®Trusted Endpoint Suite, Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity now offers just that: an ideal solution perfectly customizable to specific security needs.

The advantages of R&S®Trusted Endpoint Suite at a glance:

  • Streamlined workflows: All components of the suite are fine-tuned to integrate workflows seamlessly.
  • Increased productivity: All security mechanisms work in the background, allowing the user to continue working as usual.
  • Less staff training: Through proactive protection, you don't solely depend on the awareness of your employees.
  • Less individual solutions to administrate: Your IT department will have more time to work on other tasks.
  • Lower overall cost: As a complete package, the solution offers genuine savings.

Press reviews

“R&S®Trusted Endpoint Suite unites the advantages of a few selected solutions in a single security package for remote endpoints on the Windows 10 platform.”

it-daily, September 5th, 2019

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“Even if Emotet would find its way into the network via a USB flash drive, an attack could be prevented: The virus would require internet access in order to activate and to load additional malware, which is prevented by the strict separation provided with the virtual browser.”

Automobil Industrie, December 5th, 2019

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“In order to be able to also protect [mobile devices] that are linked to the company's own IT systems, all-round packages are suitable. If software-based security solutions are used, expensive additional devices are not required.”

Cash.Online, Dezember 5th,2019

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