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Columbia, MD6월 01, 2023

Rohde & Schwarz exhibits at AAAE 2023 with live demonstrations of security scanner portfolio

Rohde & Schwarz is exhibiting its comprehensive portfolio of security scanners to meet the highest level of airport security and passenger comfort requirements. Both the R&S QPS201 personnel security scanner, and the R&S QPS Walk2000 walk-through security scanner, will be on display at the Rohde & Schwarz booth at AAAE.

R&S QPS201 and R&S QPS Walk2000
R&S QPS201 and R&S QPS Walk2000

June 1, 2023, Columbia, MD- Rohde & Schwarz will be showcasing for the first time the portfolio of Rohde& Schwarz security scanners at American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) this year in Denver, Colorado. Attendees looking to upgrade their passenger comfort requirements passing through airport security, can experience a demonstration of both the R&S QPS201 personnel security scanner, as well as the R&S QPSWalk 2000, walk-through security scanner.

The TSA Qualified, R&S QPS201 enhanced Advanced Imaging Technology (eAIT) is the most secure and most convenient solution for air travelers going through security. Attendees will experience from the live demo, comfortable and easy body scanning delivered by the R&S QPS 201. The R&S QPS 201’s open panel design and comfortable hands-down scan pose makes people screening accessible to more passengers and takes the anxiety out of airport security. Every second counts in high-volume security screening operations. The R&S QPS 201 scans passengers in milliseconds and is certified to meet TSA’s highest detection requirements and is currently approved for donation through the TSA Capability Acceptance Process (CAP).

Showing for the first time on the AAAE show floor, the R&S QPS Walk2000, a full 360° walk-through security scanner for employee screening. The R&S QPS Walk200, operates with extremely low output power in the ultrawideband frequency range for excellent propagation of multiple layers of clothing, making the removal of shoes and outer clothing unnecessary. Employees can walk through the system at a natural pace and with normal posture, and minimal divestment. The results are displayed in real time on a gender-neutral avatar.

Show attendees will witness live demonstrations of both the R&S QPS201 and the R&S QPS Walk2000 at the Rohde & Schwarz booth #1704, located on the floor at AAAE 2023 in Denver, CO from June 3-5. Make sure to visit the Rohde & Schwarz booth to discover why renowned airports such as New York LaGuardia, Newark International, Denver International, and others are choosing to invest in the advanced R&S QPS 201 system, and how you can upgrade your security checkpoints. Additionally, the R&S Walk 2000 has already been implemented for employee screening across various U.S. airports.

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