LTE - Long Term Evolution

약칭: TR108-14E Mobile Communication


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Long Term Evolution (LTE) was introduced by 3GPP with Release 8 as “Evolved UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network” (EUTRAN). LTE is the fastest growing wireless standard to date. As main access method for the air interface the OFDMA concept was chosen. With the help of LTE it is possible to reach much higher data rates in uplink and downlink compared to UMTS. At the same time a latency (round trip time) of under 30 msec. can be achieved. The key aspects of LTE are the OFDMA access procedures, variable bandwidths and a flexible, exclusive package- oriented transmission of data.

This seminar gives an overview of the technology aspects like OFDMA multiple access scheme in downlink and SC-FDMA scheme in the uplink, focuses on the air interface with describing concepts like MIMO and introduces some procedures in the physical layer. To complete an overall understanding of LTE the modified network infrastructure (SAE) is presented and also relevant protocol procedures are described.

No previous specialist knowledge is necessary however the participants should have a basic knowledge of the fundamental principles of mobile phone networks.


  • OFDM Modulation and OFDMA access method.
  • Characteristics of a radio channel - why a new access method?
  • Channel structure and physical layer aspects
  • Multiple antenna system - a short insight into MIMO
  • SC-FDMA access methods for the LTE Uplink.
  • LTE reference signals - structure and configuration
  • Synchronization aspects - cell and network selection
  • Basic signaling procedures in LTE
  • Power control in uplink and downlink
  • Random access procedures
  • System Architecture Evolution

대상 그룹

  • This course is aimed at engineers and technicians from the fields of development, production, quality-testing, certification and network operation, as well as people with a technical interest.
  • Duration: 2 days


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TR108-14E: LTE - Long Term Evolution: (on request)
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