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Despite advancements in security technologies across nearly every industry, use-case and screening operation, options for screening people have largely remained the same for more than a decade.

Rohde & Schwarz provides security solutions for a wide array of businesses and organizations ensuring loss prevention and peace of mind. Find out more about QPS security scanners in field deployments.

Security screening solutions based on proven technology

 Checkpoint remote screening solution

Checkpoint remote screening solution

Rohde & Schwarz helps to diversify Securitas' solution offering by remote checkpoints for data centers and other applications.

Security solutions at swiss army logistics center

Security solutions at swiss army logistics center

High-precision scanning without interrupting daily routines

The Swiss Army distribution center (AVC) in Uttigen ensures the Switzerland-wide supply and return of a large variety of ammunition and explosives for the army, police and border guards.
The R&S®QPS201 detects the wanted objects (ammunition and explosives) with precision and is the perfect fit for the new security checkpoint.

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Increasing security at Norwegian prisons

Increasing security at Norwegian prisons

Reliable scanning

The Norwegian Correctional Service has chosen R&S®QPS201 for their nationwide security screening project. Reliable scanning of staff, visitors and inmates helps to reduce the flow of drugs, phones, USB sticks, weapons and all types of potentially dangerous or prohibited objects.

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Music event security in times of a global pandemic

Music event security in times of a global pandemic

No compromise in security or hygiene

R&S®QPS Walk2000 secures "La Rockhal" events in Luxembourg, securely and comfortably screening music lovers. The audience screening happens without the need for visitors to stop or remove their outer garments. In such a way physical screening turns into human safety and delivers a greatly improved visitor experience by eliminating pat-down procedures or annoying security queues.

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QPS case study Shannon Airport

A new security screening system has been unveiled at Shannon Airport

Time spent going through passenger security screening at the International Airport is to be halved due to the state of the art facility which will allow up to 550 passengers be facilitated per hour at the four different security lanes which is double the previous capacity.

Preventing loss of goods or intellectual property

Preventing loss of goods or intellectual property

Asset protection

Reducing asset vulnerability by contactless, high resolution, gender neutral and material agnostic detection. R&S®QPS security scannners offer reliable scanning of staff and visitors, helping to reduce inconsistencies in stock and thereby the loss of goods or intellectual property.

Safe Flying

Safe flying begins on the ground

Enhancing security

At airports, R&S®QPS201 enhances security control and passenger convenience with a very high detection and low false rate. It noticeably shortens the time taken to complete a scan, and doubles the clear scan rate, enabling reliable detection of metallic, non-metallic and liquid objects.

More information about security screening

security screening

Security screening solutions

Protecting lives and assets contactless and with highest security

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Videos for security screening

Advanced security screening technology for tailored solutions

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QPS AppCards

Application cards

Fast, high-resolution screening

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Reliable service network

Brochure: Reliable service network

Benefit from a long-term, trusting partnership

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