Multimedia & display testing
Multimedia & display testing

Multimedia and display testing

Ensuring the quality and functionality of car multimedia sources, displays and speakers

In modern automotive display systems, audio and video content can be streamed from different sources such as smartphones, tablets, Internet streaming, optical media (DVD, CD). Such content is typically transferred to car displays, speakers and headphones via Bluetooth®, DLNA, HDMI or USB.

Audio video signal generation and analysis

Both audio and video signal sources such as sinks (headphones, car displays) need to be tested against a plethora of audio codecs, video resolutions, color depths, and frame rates. Such testing procedures can be time-consuming.

Benefits of our solutions

  • Sustainable: support of all audio and video formats and standards
  • Efficient: error finding and debugging across the audio/video transmission chain
  • Space-saving: complete solution in one system

For more detailed information, see our brochure "Driving tomorrow's mobility".

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