Advanced persistent threats

Advanced Persistent Threats - undetected for as long as possible

The main goal of an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is to hack into systems to steal data – and to remain undetected for as long as possible in order to gain access to secret information over a longer period of time. In order to achieve this goal, no other damage is caused by which the attacker would draw attention to himself. Especially authorities, the industry and the financial sector are threatened by such attacks – this is because of the particularly sensitive information they are dealing with. In contrast to traditional attacks, APTs target only one particular victim or a small group of victims.

As the name implies, such attacks are particularly complex and enduring threats that are very difficult to detect. APTs start by using an entry point to your corporate network. This could be an infected USB device, a phishing mail, or a drive-by download.

Your Challanges

In the fight against APTs, decision-makers face particularly tough challenges. The biggest challenge: there is no miracle cure and criminals should not be underestimated. Traditional cybersecurity solutions such as email spam filters, antivirus software or firewalls are ineffective in the battle against APTs. With a combination of different methods and technologies, APTs have to be prevented and employees have to be sensitized and educated about possible hazards. Always keeping existing technologies up to date makes it even more complicated, but regular updates are essential. APT attacks can usually only be detected by anomalies in the outgoing data, which therefore requires special care.

Benefits of our solutions

  • Holistic security solution promises almost complete protection against ATPs.
  • Protect your endpoints as the main entry point by using an effective browser security solution.
  • Use realtime monitoring to defend yourself from APTs.
  • Create isolated company environments so that potential risky files can bei opened in an isolated area.
  • Use pattern recognition so that abnormalities are detected, analysed and - if necessary - blocked.
  • Uncover vulnerabilities by vulnerability scanning and show what information have to be protected in particular.

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