Safe and secure ATC communications has a new radio

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mar. 10, 2020 - mar. 12, 2020
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Exclusive launch event
March 10, 2020 | 11:15 | Booth 562

R&S®VCS-4G and the new R&S®Series5200

Seamless flight control without having to make many frequency changes is the prerequisite for being able to organize air space efficiently. Many ANSPs are turning to virtual centers with multi-redundant systems that will help them achieve the required flexibility.

This innovative virtual ATC center concept is an exclusive Rohde & Schwarz development. Systems at several locations, including across national borders, are interconnected to allow air traffic controllers at one control center to fully or partially take over the ground to air and ground to ground communications duties of another center.

Rohde & Schwarz is the only ATC system provider who designs, manufactures and integrates all essential ATC communications components. The R&S®VCS-4G voice communications system in combination with the company’s radios, especially the brand new R&S®Series5200 radio, ensures safe operation, economical air traffic management and seamless integration. As part of the CERTIUM® communications suite, this flexible and cost-effective solution that fulfills all ATC needs and much more features:

  • State-of-the art, end-to-end IP based technology for maximum availability and safety in ATC and to meet the growing need for dynamic ATC scenarios
  • Pay-as-you-grow scalability for maximum cost-effectiveness, ranging from a single controller working position (CWP) to full-scale area control centers (ACC)
  • More reliability with full redundancy, including distributed deployment over various sites for geographic redundancy
  • Smooth integration into existing ATM systems, interworking e.g. with conventional analog and digital VCSs and other systems such as voice recorders
  • Easier interoperability with network based sharing and distribution of operational resources
  • Customizable system solutions, e.g. with flexible GUI adaptation to accommodate different project needs
  • Successfully deployed since 2008 as one of the first fully IP VCS in the ATC environment

Register today for the exclusive launch event at World ATM Congress 2020 and learn more about the R&S®VCS-4G IP based voice communications system that perfectly matches the new R&S®Series5200 radio.

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Advanced IP based voice communications systems for modern ATC networks


T&M equipment for reliable and high-precision analysis of GBAS systems during ground and flight inspection


Automatic location of communicating aircraft and immediate indication on radar screen


Effective drone detection and countering

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Safe and secure ATC communications has a new standard

Safe and secure ATC communications has a new standard

ATC challenges and the technological answer

Increasing global air travel, rapid technological change, growing threats of cyber-attacks and limited resources pose great challenges for air traffic control. While safety and availability without compromise are given requirements, operations must remain efficient and flexible.

Introducing CERTIUM®, both the answer to these challenges as well as a promise to ATC community:

  • An advanced ATC communications suite from the microphone to the antenna
  • Increasing safety, security and efficiency beyond existing market standards

Discover CERTIUM® at the World ATM Congress 2020 and register today for an exclusive launch event.

CERTIUM® - Increased safety and efficiency



Rohde & Schwarz offers an one-stop-shop for the full life cycle of a system: From design, manufacturing & system integration to project implementation & tailored services. A complete portfolio from a single source, CERTIUM® is a fully IP-based ATC communications suite.

ATC - CERTIUM® - Security


From high-speed encryption to leading cyber security solutions, Rohde & Schwarz continues to securely pave the way. Equipping the world’s governmental authorities and air navigation service providers with highly secure and encrypted architectures, we are committed to our philosophy. Security by design.

ATC - CERTIUM® - Safety


Rohde & Schwarz enables air traffic control at more than 200 airports and flight operations centers across the world. Multiple layers of redundancy including an innovative quad-redundant VCS system architecture ensure uninterrupted availability and enhanced resilience against worst-case scenarios. Safety by culture.

ATC - CERTIUM® - Efficiency


CERTIUM® features a complete portfolio from a single source. It reduces operating costs by minimizing repair and maintenance efforts. An IP-based system architecture enables optimized operational concepts, such as virtual control centers, already on line and proven.

Alexandru Negulescu, Managing Director R&S Center of Competence for VCS

Alexandru Negulescu, Managing Director Center of Competence for VCS

“The new radio is a perfect match for our innovative fully IP based voice communications system, R&S®VCS-4G, which has a proven track record in more than 200 projects worldwide. Thanks to our more than 10 years of experience in deploying IP based VCS systems, we can support our customers in their transition from legacy to modern ATC networks – from design to implementation, operation and support.”

Francesco Gualtieri - Product Manager ATC Radios

Francesco Gualtieri - Product Manager ATC Radios

“The R&S®Series5200 is actually more than just a radio: it is an advanced and fully integrated network component, with a secure-by-design architecture and extremely flexible network interfaces. Of course, it provides voice and data RF link in the uncompromised quality you would expect from a Rohde & Schwarz radio.”

Constantin von Reden Vice President Market Segment ATC former air traffic controller in the German Air Force

Constantin von Reden - Vice President Market Segment ATC

“Increasing air traffic density and the continued pressure to reduce costs are creating new challenges for air navigation service providers. CERTIUM® is a technological answer to both issues. The communications suite ensures absolute availability and increased situational awareness and, at the same time, cost- and resource-efficient operation.”

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