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Compare your network with your competitor's

For mobile operators, quality of experience (QoE) is one of the key factors that drives differentiation, increases revenue and reduces churn. Nowadays, subscriber growth can only come from competing operators. How good should a mobile network or service be?

Benchmarking tests against the competition are an effective way of measuring the marginal improvements that are necessary to trigger focused investments. It is also an effective way of getting to know the competition and to gather valuable information as a source for focused promotional campaigns.

In a mature mobile network, it is fundamental to ensure that the subscriber perceived quality is under control. This means ensuring that QoE keeps improving or is not getting worse, especially when compared to the competition or whenever a new technology is introduced.

With the constant demand for new services, better network performance and more capacity, it is crucial that operators have a reliable, accurate and reproducible way to measure their subscribers’ QoE. This means comparing themselves with competitors.

Benchmarking tests are the optimal solution for quantifying the marginal improvements needed to match or beat the competition. Benchmarking tests also help to target specific service and network areas where further optimization activities and network improvements make sound financial sense.

Expertise in benchmarking

  • solutions_mnt_webinar_voicequality.jpg

    Why voice quality is still a differentiator in today's mobile networks

    The proportion of mobile network traffic represented by voice communications has been steadily decreasing so now it represents around 2% of traffic compared with around 70% for video. However, voice remains the principle service for which most subscribers use their mobile device, and voice quality continues to be a critical factor in how they perceive their operator and OTT applications. This webinar examines the significance of voice in today’s mobile networks and looks at the importance of an integrated metric that quantifies voice quality from an end-user perspective.

  • Smart alarming interface for drive tests

    A reliable alarming interface is crucial for drive testing, even more so when your network engineers control a large drive test fleet remotely from the office, for example when benchmarking mobile networks with SmartBenchmarker. What the alarming system must provide and how it is used varies with each user role.

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  • Mobile operators in the public eye

    Public benchmarking of network operators and service providers has a long history in Germany. Independent service companies are in charge of measuring, analyzing and rating all mobile network operators. The results of these independent test campaigns and rankings are published in renowned technical journals, heavily influencing customers in choosing an operator or changing a subscription plan.

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  • Poland's first independent drive test campaign

    In 2015, for the first time ever, the Polish Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) issued an independent benchmarking campaign to measure the performance of each of the four key mobile network operators in a fair and transparent way. The telecommunications service provider Systemics-PAB – a certified partner of Rohde & Schwarz mobile network testing – won the competitive call for tenders and conducted the nationwide drive tests to analyze voice and data services.

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  • Large‑scale QoS/QoE testing in the New York subway

    With 1.7 billion passengers annually, New York City's subway system is one of the busiest in the world. By 2018, every station in the system will feature access to wireless communications and Wi‑Fi. Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. (GWS), an independent wireless communications benchmarking specialist, uses the portable Freerider multichannel backpack solution from Rohde & Schwarz mobile network testing to periodically check the network coverage quality achieved to date.

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