eCall & ERA-GLONASS Tests with CMW-KA09x

Short designation: TR108-27 E Mobile Communication


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auf Anfrage
Dr. Thomas Kasdepke


The functionality of IVS eCall and ERA-GLONASS modules have to be verified against several standards. Rohde & Schwarz provides a compact solution for reproducible end-to-end functional and standard-compliant conformance testing of these modules.

The R&S®CMW KA09x eCall/ERA-GLONASS application software is used to operate this solution. It emulates a PSAP and controls all required instruments like CMW500 / CMW290 and SMBV100A to perform the tests.

In addition conformance test cases are implemented in the sequencer SW R&S®CMWrun, which can be used to control the R&S®CMW KA09x software remotely.

This seminar focuses on the operation of the R&S®CMW KA09x eCall/ERA-GLONASS application software. The most important settings for the PSAP emulation as well as for the GSM/UMTS (WCDMA) cell emulation are explained. Tests are executed using the R&S®CMW KA09x graphical user interface as well as R&S®CMWrun.


Introduction to eCall / ERA-GLONASS

Test Set-up Commissioning

Test Excecution with CMW-KA09x GUI

eCall / ERA-GLONASS Conformance Test Execution with CMWrun

Target Group

  • Engineers and technicians working in development, production and quality assurance, who deal for the first time with the operation of R&S®CMW KA09x eCall/ERA-GLONASS application software to test eCall/ERA-GLONASS modules.
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Training location: Munich
  • Language: German

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TR108-27 E: eCall & ERA-GLONASS Tests with CMW-KA09x: (auf Anfrage)
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