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Difference between NRP-ZK6 and NRP-ZK8


What are the differences between NRP-ZK6 and NRP-ZK8?
And for what do I need those differences?


The new power sensors NRPxxs/SN, NRPxxa/AN and NRPxxT/TN have two more pins as the old NRP-Zxx power sensors.

Behind the two additional pins is the signal pair of the common time based clock. With this you can synchronize several power sensors.
Those two pins are placed in the center of the connector of the cable NRP-ZK8.

The cable NRP-ZK6 does not have those pins in the center and is compatible with the old power sensor connector.

Because of the two additional pins of the NRP-ZK8 you cannot connect it to device which have the old power sensor connector type.

Difference between NRP-ZK6 and NRP-ZK8