R&S®Trusted Gate - Solution for Office 365

Effective working with encrypted documents in Microsoft® Office 365™

R&S® TrustedGate Office 365™ Encryption
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R&S® TrustedGate Office 365™ Encryption

Key facts

  • High security for Microsoft® Office 365™
  • Dynamic encryption
  • Secure full-text search
  • Secure, distributed storage of encrypted documents
  • Easy administration and scalability

About R&S®Trusted Gate - Solution for Office 365™

R&S®Trusted Gate - Solution for Office 365 works like a Cloud Access Security Broker but with full data-centric security functionality. It protects data in Microsoft® Office 365™ applications from cyber attacks, data leaks and compromised user accounts. R&S®Trusted Gate's encryption mechanisms seamlessly integrate with Office 365™ solutions. You use Office 365 ™ apps just as you are used to.

Features & benefits

High security for Microsoft® Office 365™

Virtualization of encrypted data provides secure but still familiar working with Microsoft® Office 365™ applications

Our innovative virtualization method combines the highest security standards with the advantage of a seamless integration into Microsoft® Office 365™:

  • The virtual file replaces the original file, but contains only the metadata without confidential content.
  • The original file will be encrypted and fragmented into chunks, which could be stored on servers and cloud storages of your choice - even outside Microsoft® Office 365™.
  • Only authorized users will get access to the sensitive content controlled by R&S®Trusted Gate.

Dynamic encryption

Modern encryption mechanisms

Usability meets security: You use Microsoft® Office 365™ just as you are used to but sensitive data is highly secure:

  • While uploading a document, encryption can be done automatically due to the classifications standards of the organization.
  • R&S®Trusted Gate - Solution for Office 365™ provides the ability to fulfill even highest security requirements in classified infrastructures.
  • All security keys remain with the customer.

Secure full-text search

Search capability even in encrypted documents

With R&S®Trusted Gate - Solution for Office 365™ you can use full-text search, even in encrypted documents:

  • A separate search engine is built in, which creates a secured index.
  • Search results fulfill the need to know principle - you will not get a result for content you don't have the access rights to.
  • You can use a federated search to combine search results of encrypted and not-encrypted files.

Secure, distributed storage of encrypted documents

Store large amount of data cost-effectively and highly secure

The chunks of the encrypted and fragmented original file can be stored on configurable storage systems:

  • You have the choice: distribute the chunks of the original document on different physical storages.
  • Even with quantum computers you cannot break the crypto algorithm just from single chunks.
  • Regulation requirements can easily be fulfilled.

Easy administration and scalability

Enterprise configuration options

According to company-specific requirements, individual configuration options are possible:

  • Existing enterprise infrastructures can be integrated into the R&S®Trusted Gate configuration.
  • Integrate existing Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems as well as user authentication methods.
  • Deploy enterprise scalability by using standard solutions like load balancer.
  • Security audit functionality is available but adaption to existing monitoring systems is also possible.

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