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  • R&S®EFA78 Test Receiver (D/K or I Analog TV)

    This is a discontinued product Please note the following successor product(s):R&S®ETL TV AnalyzerOverview OptionsKey Facts Switchable group delay correction Switchable synchronous detector (5 different modes) Key FactsSince the analog terrestrial standards D/K and I are still commonly in use, and broadcasters need a future-proof solution for their short- and long-term investment, Rohde & Schwarz provides

  • Software for R&S®EFA78 Test Receiver (D/K or I Analog TV)

    Title Size Version Date Screenshot software for every R&S EFA version Released on 22.02.2005 This little tool allows, by a simple keystroke, to generate a PCX file of the R&S EFA display on an external PC via a RS232 or GPIB link (new). Please copy EFA_PCX2DISC_setup.exe into a directory, e.g. "C:\temp".Change to this directory and start the installation with EFA_PCX2DISC_setup.exe.3 MB22.02.2005 Legal

  • RF signal analyzers

    Test Receiver (D/K or I Analog TV) R&S®EFA78 Test Receiver (D/K or I Analog TV)

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