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  • R&S®NRPM3 Three-channel sensor module

    The R&S®NRPM3 is connected to a control PC by means of an R&S®NRP-ZKU USB interface cable. Brief descriptionThe R&S®NRPM3 three-channel sensor module processes the measured values from up to three antenna modules in three separate channels. If more than three antenna modules are needed, more sensor modules can be added.

  • Software for R&S®NRPM3 Three-channel sensor module

    Title Size Version Date R&S®Power Viewer for macOS 23 MB02/2020 17.02.2020 R&S® NrpTerm2 for macOS - Open Source Acknowledgment 217 kB01 17.02.2020 R&S® PureFW for macOS - Release Notes 150 kB02/2020 17.02.2020 R&S®Power Viewer - Open Source Acknowledgement 214 kB04 09.07.2018 R&S®NRP-Toolkit for macOS 165 kB02/2020 17.02.2020 R&S®Power Viewer - Release Notes 182 kB11.3 04.11.2019 R&S®NRP-Toolkit -

  • Firmware for R&S®NRPM3 Three-channel sensor module

    The following abbreviations are used throughout this document: R&S ®NRPM3 is abbreviated as R&S NRPM3.

  • Power Meter & Voltmeter - Test & Measurement

    Power sensors, power meters, directional power meters and voltmetersPower meters, power sensors and volt meters from Rohde & Schwarz stand for highest measurement accuracy and reliability – and have done so for decades.Rohde & Schwarz power sensors are intelligent standalone instruments with a flexible connection concept. The comprehensive USB-capable sensor portfolio is designed to operate with the

  • R&S®NRPM Over-the-Air (OTA) Power Measurement Solution - Product Brochure

    The R&S®NRPM OTA power measurement solution is designed to calibrate the transmit antenna output power and test the beamforming function over the air.

  • Antenna Beam Characterization of 5G Mobile Devices and Base Stations Using the R&S®NRPM Over-the-Air (OTA) Power Measurement Solution

    Radio frequencies in bands around 28 GHz are being discussed as candidates for mobile communications of the fifth generation (5G). Beam steering will be a key feature in the context of 5G. It will be a major challenge to test the beam steering capabilities of base stations and user equipment in every phase from research and development through production. Conducted measurements will be mainly replaced by over-the-air measurements of electromagnetic radiation. Rohde & Schwarz offers the R&S®NRPM Over-the-Air (OTA) Power Measurement Solution that perfectly fits such measurement needs.Part of this solution are the R&S®NRPM-A66 antenna modules. They have integrated diode detectors. Thus, there are no cables between the antenna and the detector as in traditional setups. This avoids high and potentially unknown RF losses. The R&S®NRPM-A66 antenna modules with their integrated diode detectors are factory calibrated, which means that the user does not have to calibrate them to achieve highly accurate measurement results.This application note contains theoretical background on OTA power and pattern measurements. It gives step-by-step instructions for the verification of the power level and the radiation pattern of a device under test (DUT) in comparison to a golden device, and it presents an approach for verifying the accuracy of beam steering.

  • Antenna Array Testing - Conducted and Over the Air: The Way to 5G

    5G networks will need to offer more capacity and flexibility while lowering the operational expenses of the system. Two new technologies can simultaneously address both the increase in capacity and the increase in energy efficiency: Virtualization & Massive MIMO. This white paper provides an overview of test solutions addressing current and future requirements for antenna verification including both conducted and over-the-air (OTA) test methods, which result from applying Massive MIMO antenna technology.This white papers complements the "Millimeter-Wave Beamforming: Antenna Array Design Choices & Characterization" white paper (1MA276) from Rohde & Schwarz, which introduces fundamental theory behind beamforming antennas and provides calculation methods for radiation patterns, a number of simulation results as well as some real world measurement results for small linear arrays.

  • Signal generator, signal and spectrum analyzer and power sensor solutions for 5G - Application Brochure

    When it comes to wideband signal generation and analysis, Rohde & Schwarz provides solutions that go all the way to millimeterwave frequencies and even beyond. Our signal generation and analysis solution portfolio covers the bandwidth and frequency requirements for 5G and offers a wide range of features and application software to address 5G testing challenges.

  • R&S®NRPM OTA Power Measurement Solution User Manual

    Describes the specific functions of the application, including the information required to set up and perform a measurement, remote control commands and programming examples.The online version contains the documentation for the R&S®NRPM for immediate display (no download required).

  • Power Sensors

    The sensors by Rohde & Schwarz are intelligent standalone instruments that communicate with the base unit or a PC via a digital interfaceExpand allCollapse all Three-path diode Power SensorsR&S®NRP8S Three-path diode power sensorFor USB operation Measurement range: -70 dBm to +23 dBm Frequency range: 10 MHz to 8 GHz N connectorR&S®NRP8SN Three-path diode power sensorFor USB and LAN operation Measurement

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