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  • Programming the AM300 in LabView

    Programming the AM300 in LabViewQuestionThis FAQ provides examples of the following:1. Performing a triangle function (manual trigger)2. Positive pulse (manual trigger)3. Positive pulse (external trigger)4. Output of 100 sinewave periods (manual trigger)The examples are in LabView 7.The only driver required is: rssiam_lv6_1_8.exe (or a new version of this driver).The driver is available on our

  • What is the VISA Resource Name of the Smart Instruments?

    What is the VISA Resource Name of the Smart Instruments?QuestionI want to remote-control the Smart Instruments. What is the VISA resource name of the Smart Instruments?AnswerHere is a list with the VISA resource names of the Smart Instruments. You have to replace <Ser. No.> by the individual serial number of your Smart Instrument.AM300 => USB::0x0AAD::0x0005::<Ser. No.>FS300 => USB::0x0AAD::0x0006

  • Waveform composer: How do you get rid of pauses between signal waveforms?

    Waveform composer: How do you get rid of pauses between signal waveforms?QuestionI want to generate a trapezoid-like signal with the AM300 and your waveform composer software.Unfortunately, the real output signal (measured with an oscilloscope) consists not only of trapezoids but also pauses inbetween them, which is not intended. For my application I need the signal forms to be directly one after

  • Connecting the R&S AM300 to R&S WinIQSIM

    Connecting the R&S AM300 to R&S WinIQSIMQuestionHow to run the R&S AM300 in conjunction with R&S WinIQSIMAnswerThe R&S AM300 needs the R&S AM300-K3 option (key code).R&S AM300-K1 is mandatory, at least version 2.1.Use the recommended installation path.Use at least R&S WinIQSIM version 4.3 (do not use R&S WinIQSIM 2).After having connected the R&S AM300, install "rssi.inf" (R&S AM300 driver).Run

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