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  • Easy remote control of latest Rohde&Schwarz signal generators

    Easy remote control of latest Rohde&Schwarz signal generatorsQuestionHow can I easily remote-control the SMBV, SMA100A, SMB100A, SMC100A, SMF100A via LAN withoutrequiring additional software or hardware ?AnswerThis function is integrated into the latest firmware of the SMBV, SMA100A, SMB100A, SMC100A, SMF100Agenerators. It enables you to remote-control the device with a PC independently of the

  • Remote Control via Telnet

    Remote Control via TelnetQuestionI want to remote-control the signal generator via LAN and Telnet. How can I do this?AnswerFor proper operation of the SMA100A in a Telnet connection, the raw TCP/IP interface command should have the following syntax: telnet <ip-addr> <port-number>The port number should be "5025". telnet <ip-addr> 5025Remote control is possible via "Raw Ethernet". VISA is not

  • GPIB emulation mode for SML

    GPIB emulation mode for SMLQuestionI used the SML in my system. The SML was controlled by GPIB. Now, I will change tothe SMC100A. Can I make my measurements with the SMC without changingmy software or driver settings?AnswerYes, you can. The SMC is able to emulate the SML besides other legacy instruments.Please open the following menu in the SMC: SETUP => REMOTE => GPIB .In this menu, you can set

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