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  • WLAN / Wi-Fi

    WLAN Traffic Offload in LTE IEEE 802.11ac PHY Tests Wireless Gigabit - IEEE 802.11 ad Open Contact FormSend us an e-mail

  • Poster: Test and Measurement Excellence up to 500 GHz

    Whatever your application, whether you are dealing with pulsed, swept or modulated signals, Rohde & Schwarz instruments generate and analyze with utmost accuracy and support you every step of the way, starting in R & D and continuing through production and service.Poster: Test and Measurement Excellence up to 500 GHz

  • White Paper: WLAN Traffic Offload in LTE

    This whitepaper provides an overview of the WLAN offload in LTE as standardized by 3GPP, as well as the enhancements for Wi-Fi standardized by IEEE and the Wi-Fi Alliance. It also describes access methods in the joint network, treats the security, and describes IP mobility. In addition network discovery and selection are explained.White Paper: WLAN Traffic Offload in LTE

  • Wireless Gigabit – IEEE 802.11ad

    60 GHz transmission technology is a fairly new wireless communications concept that aims to exploit the 7 GHz of bandwidth available in the 60 GHz unlicensed band. Particular characteristics of this technology have generated special interest within the industry. The main advantages of this high-frequency-range technology are that it enables high data rates and short-range communication applications

  • WLAN Traffic Offload in LTE

    In most modern cellular mobile phones, WLAN is an integral part. However, in today’s implementations the cellular standards and WLAN are completely independent. The Internet is accessed either via LTE and the attached evolved packet core (EPC) or directly using WLAN. The access technology is switched manually, requiring separate authentication. Service continuity cannot be supported because a new connection

  • Applications & White Papers for WLAN / Wi-Fi

    Generating WLAN IEEE 802.11ax Signals Rohde & Schwarz signal generators can generate standard-compliant WLAN IEEE 802.11ax signals for high efficiency (HE) receiver testing.This application note helps to choose the right generator test solutions and explains step-by-step how to generate 802.11ax SISO and MIMO signals. Measurements, such as EVM, are presented to illustrate the signal performance. Furthermore

  • Airborne Communications Solutions - References

    As a supplier of airborne transceivers for the following platforms (extract), Rohde & Schwarz boasts extensive experience at the international level: A109 LUH A400M EMB-145 AEW&C Eurofighter Typhoon F-16 FENNEC JAS-39 GRIPEN MI-8, MI-17, MI-24 SEAKING SOKOL W-3A SU-30 MKM SUPER LYNX TIGER and NH 90 helicopters TORNADO H145M CH-53 G KC-390

  • Key Capabilities for Airborne Communications Solutions - Secure Communications

    EPM (ECCM) methods for anti-jam communications Tap- and spoof-proof communications through integrated encryption Wideband interface for external encryption devices (e.g. ELCRODAT 4-2, KY58, KY100)

  • Key Capabilities for Airborne Communications Solutions - Outstanding Radio Characteristics

    Excellent RF parameters Frequency bands from 30 MHz to 400 MHz Outstanding RF characteristics on a single platform with the R&S®MR6000A

  • Key Capabilities for Airborne Communications Solutions - Low Maintenance Effort

    Automatic and reliable testing of airborne transceivers with the R&S®UCS226XB test system. Powerful built-in tests (BIT) for error detection and diagnostics High reliability due to robust design and high-quality components

Results 1 - 10 of 178
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