The quad-redundant, IP based voice communications system

The quad-redundant, IP based voice communications system perfectly integrates with the entire CERTIUM® portfolio to ensure safe, secure and efficient airspace operations. CERTIUM® VCS-4G combines state-of-the-art, flexible and resilient purely IP based architecture with strong security mechanisms. Its flexibility makes it suitable for both a small tower and a nationwide system. With advanced functionalities, CERTIUM® VCS-4G can provide a virtual tower system and a virtual center, quickly and flexibly transferring responsibilities between centers and countries.

The CERTIUM® VCS-4G system consists of two types of controller working positions that act as an interface to the controller telephony and radio server to manage voice traffic. The system can be connected to legacy systems via various gateways from the CERTIUM® GATEWAYS portfolio. The entire system is centrally managed via the VCMS system as part of CERTIUM® MANAGEMENT.

CERTIUM® VCS products

R&S®GB5400 Standard Controller Working Position

The R&S®GB5400 Standard CWP (sCWP) is a flexible unit that acts as an interface to the controller. Its modular design makes it the perfect solution for system installations requiring the entire spectrum of ATC features. The sCWP is a 19" device with numerous audio input and output devices and monitors that can be flexibly integrated into the controller's desk.

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R&S®GB5450 Compact Controller Working Position

The R&S®GB5450 Compact CWP (cCWP) is a small form factor CWP that provides an ATC feature set almost identical to the R&S®GB5400 Standard CWP with a slightly reduced call handling capacity. Its compact design makes it the perfect solution for system installations with space constraints – without compromising features. Installed at the controller's desk, it provides a HMI for air-ground and ground-ground communications and connectors for audio input/output devices with volume controls. It combines a 7" touchscreen, processing unit, audio unit and speaker in a compact chassis.

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R&S®VS5400 Telephony Server

The R&S®VS5400 Telephony Server acts as an interface between the VCS environment and standard telephony systems. It enables communications between the CWPs and IP phones and other interconnected SIP trunks. The server also provides media conference resources between CWPs, IP phones and legacy users connected via CERTIUM® GATEWAYS.

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R&S®RS5400 Radio Server

The R&S®RS5400 Radio Server platform is used for network deployments covering a large number of radios (transmitters, receivers and transceivers) at airports and nationwide installations with several remote radio sites. The platform's main functionality is to aggregate and split voice streams to/from radios to optimize bandwidth consumption on links to remote radio sites. The server effectively acts as a proxy for audio streams, achieving significant bandwidth reduction on the network link between a central location and remote radio sites. The R&S®RS5400 can also perform centralized processing of air-ground signals with e.g. BSS, allowing all CWPs to have the same information.

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R&S®DB5400 VCMS Server

The R&S®DB5400 VCMS Server platform stores the configurations of all CERTIUM® VCS-4G system components. It allows the configuration of radio, telephone and intercom communications, user access, operational roles and missions. The VCMS application is accessed via a password protected web frontend. The radio remote control and monitoring system for monitoring the status of Rohde & Schwarz radios and changing frequencies can be co-located on the R&S®DB5400 platform.

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Further CERTIUM® portfolio


Reliable software defined radios for air traffic control, including the brand-new R&S®Series5200 featuring an innovative security-by-design architecture.

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Increases situational awareness by highlighting the communicating aircraft on the radar screen based on state-of-the art direction finder and geo-referencing technology.

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Ensure regulatory compliance with market-leading test and measurement solutions for VoIP networks, radios, navigation, radar and satellites.

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Seamless integration of legacy applications into IP infrastructure enabling phased migration scenarios.

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Delay-free network encryption, ATC session border controller and high availability network components ensure the reliability and security of ATC networks.

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Easy-to-use centralized management of VCS and radios provides real-time view of system and enables smooth network operation.

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70 service centers worldwide provide customers with support close by, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring smooth operations for many years.

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