R&S Trusted Communicator: the secure WhatsApp for companies and public institutions

Messaging instead of e-mail - messengers also play an increasingly important role in companies. Because cyber criminals can access sensitive data via conventional chat apps, this poses enormous security risks. German IT security provider Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity has therefore developed a messenger specifically for companies' security requirements: The R&S Trusted Communicator protects against espionage and ensures data protection. In addition, the secure messenger ensures compliance with existing compliance rules, can be individually configured and offers an easy-to-use user interface.

Sending business messages via smartphones, some of which are private, has also firmly established itself in the working world. The problem: Most messenger services process data that you find on your mobile phone or tablet - including private data such as contacts and locations. As a result, the addresses and meta information are transferred to external servers - where they are freely available to hackers. Not only does this pose a major security risk for companies, it also violates data protection law.

This is not the case with the R&S Trusted Communicator from Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity: The app, developed for iOS and Android, manages contacts from different sources and accesses a secure phone book that is encrypted and separated from private contacts. This makes the communication and collaboration platform also suitable for business use of a private smartphone. The R&S Trusted Communicator is the only solution to date that combines a highly secure messenger and encrypted telephone calls in one app. It ensures that both instant messages and calls are encrypted. The standard version of the R&S Trusted Communicator includes the crypto provider SCIP.

Usability paired with security

To ensure permanent security, the R&S Trusted Communicator follows the "Security by Design" approach: The cryptographic procedure can be adapted to new challenges at any time. Functional changes, for example to digital certificates, are not necessary. In addition, the solution can be easily implemented in the existing public-key infrastructure (PKI).

Even the operation of the messenger itself is uncomplicated: The improved user interface leads to a high level of trust and acceptance. All processes are optimized for the respective user platform. This allows users of iOS or Android to use the messenger intuitively. Users find their way just as quickly as in already known communication and collaboration apps. This also applies to group chats and broadcasting messages. As a result, companies no longer have to weigh up user and security requirements.

Strict separation of professional and private

The R&S Trusted Communicator complements the established R&S Trusted Mobile for Android smartphones and tablets. The system is based on a hardened security core and is divided into two isolated security areas: a private area ("Open") and a company area ("Restricted"). Applications and data in these respective security domains are strictly separated and thus protected against cyber attacks.

The separation between "Open" and "Restricted" also enables secure access to the company network. Business applications can access e-mails, contacts, calendars and intranets via a secure VPN tunnel and exchange data with each other. Access to external websites in the business area is also via the company firewall, which filters out dangerous content.

The R&S Trusted Communicator will celebrate its world premiere at this year's it-sa from October 9-11 (Hall 10.0, Booth 112).

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