Application Notes

Testing of DME/TACAN Ground Stations

This Application Note describes the basic operating principles of distance measurement equipment (DME) and tactical air navigation (TACAN) for distance and bearing measurements in aviation along with diverse test possibilities for maintenance of DME/TACAN ground stations.

Some tests are performed on the ground (on the RF port of the DME or TACAN station or in the field via antenna) while others require flight inspection.

The R&S®EDS300 DME/pulse analyzer is the specialist for flight inspection and simultaneous measurement of up to 10 different DME’s and can also be used for monitoring tasks on ground (e.g. far field monitoring of all DME’s of an airport).

The R&S®EDST300 TACAN/DME analyzer focusses on commissioning and regular maintenance checking of TACAN and DME ground stations and battery operated field measurements in the immediate environment of the station.

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