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  • Creation of transducer file for HMExplorer

  • HMExplorer installation fails with .dll problems

    My installation of the HMExplorer fails with some .dll errors using windows 10.It fails due to some user authorization problems in Windows 10 – even when the user is admin.The installation can not be started by clicking the right mouse and select “execute as admin” because of installing an .msi package.- The solution is to use the windows power shell; it must be started as admin.- After that change

  • How to connect HMExplorer to the instrument

    My HMExplorer does not connect to the instrumentError when adding a device. The interface could not be opened.The latest version of the HMExplorer should be located at[mode]=download&tx_hmdownloads_pi1[uid]=7647Proceed as follows:Open your device managerCheck the box for 'Load VCP'Unplug the HAMEG device (e.g. the HMP4040)Wait about

  • Which transducer factor do I have to use for LISN HM6050-2?

    Name Last Modified Oct 10, 2019 1 kB

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