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Webinar: 5 steps to a realtime eye diagram - signal integrity debugging

This webinar is intended for engineers who work on the design and testing of high-speed interfaces. We will start with typical design challenges and methods in order to approach the signal integrity analysis.


TDR/TDT Analysis with R&S Oscilloscopes

Impedance and transmission loss measurements


Advanced Jitter Analysis with R&S Oscilloscopes

Novel signal model based jitter decomposition algorithm


IQ Mode for RF Signal Analysis

Downconvert RF signals in the oscilloscope and use resulting IQ sample for further analysis with the R&S VSE software or external tools.


Introduction of the RTP High-Performance Oscilloscope

Learn about key advantages of the R&S RTP ranging from 4 to 16 GHz bandwidth.


77 GHz Automotive Radar (part 1)

Learn more about the basic test setup of aautomotive radar device with a High-Performance RTP Oscilloscope.


77 GHz Automotive Radar (part 2)

Deembed converters and other setup components in realtime.


77 GHz Automotive Radar (part 3)

Demodulate radar pulses with built-in oscilloscope functions.


77 GHz Automotive Radar (part 4)

Perform phase-coherent measurements on multiple antenna signals.


Decoding SENT bus signal

Discover how to easily deocde SENT using Rohde and Schwarz oscilloscopes, as displayed on an R&S®RTO.


Decode Flexray with an oscilloscope

Discover how to easily decode Flexray using an R&S®RTO.


CAN-dbc: symbolic decoding of CAN bus

Discover how to translate decoded hex values into useful words, as displayed on an R&S®RTO.


Triggering and decoding fast channel and slow channel of the SENT bus

Discover how to decode SENT, including enhanced serial messages, displayed on an R&S®RTO.


Serial bus decoding capability with an Oscilloscope

Discover the powerful decoding capability of Rohde and Schwarz oscilloscopes, as displayed on an R&S®RTO


Debug CAN flexible data CAN-FD interfaces with an oscilloscope

Discover how to debug CAN-FD, as displayed on an R&S®RTO.


Trigger in frequency domain to with the Zone Trigger to capture burst signals

Discover how to easily capture the RF burst from a keyfob using an R&S®RTO.


Debug CAN interfaces with an oscilloscope

Discover how to debug CAN interfaces, as displayed on an R&S®RTO.


EMI debugging with an oscilloscope

Discover how to debug a power supply using a near field probe and a gated FFT, as shown on an R&S®RTO.


Decoding a CAN Bus

Discover how to decode a CAN Bus with an R&S®RTO, as well as looking at transmission errors and electric signal quality.


Current probe measurements with correct grid annotation

Discover how to easily make current probe measurements ith correct grid annotation on an R&S®RTO.


Symbolic decoding of a SENT bus

Discover how to set up symbolic decoding of a SENT bus, as displayed on an R&S®RTO.


Decoding CAN Flexible Data CAN-FD bus

Discover how to decode CAN-FD using a R&S®RTO, as well as looking at transmission errors and electric signal quality.


Decoding over a minute of bus data using deep memory

Discover how Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscpes with deep memory can record over a minute of CAN bus data, as displayed on an R&S®RTO.


Triggering on a CAN Bus

Discover the Bus trigger capability of Rohde and Schwarz oscilloscopes, as displayed on an R&S®RTO or an R&S®RTM.


Integrated arbitrary waveform generator

Every R&S®RTO can be enhanced to include a 100 MHz arbitrary waveform generator.


Up to 16 bit vertical resolution

The low-noise frontend and 10 GHz single-core A/D converter are the foundation for the extraordinarily high measurement accuracy and dynamic range of the R&S®RTO oscilloscopes.


Precise measurement due to very low noise level

Minimizing noise was a key goal when designing the R&S®RTO. The result: precise measurements even at the smallest vertical resolutions.


First zone trigger in time and frequency domain

The R&S®RTO oscilloscopes’ zone trigger lets you graphically separate events.


Flat frequency response for accurate measurement results

The flat frequency response ensures accurate signal acquisition over the R&S®RTO oscilloscope's entire specified bandwidth.


Easily customizable waveform display with R&S®SmartGrid technology

Use the R&S®SmartGrid function to configure the display.


Advanced user interface

The advanced user interface enables clear orientation thanks to colour coding, as well as having a high-resolution capacitive touchscreen with gesture support.


MSO analysis: unrivaled in its class

Every R&S®RTO can be enhanced to include a mixed signal option.


Trigger on any signal detail you can see

The unique digital trigger system from Rohde & Schwarz uses the sampling point of the A/D converter in the acquisition path so that the trigger system's input data is identical to the displayed signal.


Industry-leading 2 Gsample deep memory

In the basic configuration, R&S®RTO oscilloscopes offer 50 Msample acquisition memory per channel.


EMI debugging

When debugging EMI problems in electronic circuits, development engineers face the challenging problem of quickly...


Debug an AD converter using digital channels

The R&S®RTO-B1 option offers numerous triggers for debugging and analysis, such as edge, width, pattern and serial pattern.


Signal integrity measurements with jitter analysis

R&S®RTO oscilloscopes are ideally suited for jitter measurements.


Selection of languages

The R&S®RTO oscilloscope's user interface supports multiple languages.


Deep toolset for signal analysis

R&S®RTO oscilloscopes offer over 90 measurement functions.


Industry-leading mask test: quick configuration – reliable results

Mask tests quickly reveal whether a specific signal lies within defined tolerance limits, providing pass/fail evaluation to assess the quality and stability of a device under test.


Easy selection of instrument setup

The R&S®RTO can save instrument setups for repetitive measurements.


Quickly find signal faults with 1 million waveforms/s

R&S®RTO oscilloscopes display up to 1 million waveforms/s. To make this possible, Rohde & Schwarz developed an ASIC with optimized signal processing.


Fast access to important tools

The toolbar at the top of the screen provides access to frequently used functions such as measurements, zoom and FFT.


Setup of the zone trigger at the R&S RTO oscilloscopes

Define up to eight zones of any shape and logically combine them over multiple channels or by using math functions.


Powerful spectrum analysis

Whether you are working with a motor drive, SMPS or power rails, making fast and precise power measurements can be challenging.


Dialog boxes with signal flow diagrams

Signal flow diagrams in the dialog boxes visualize the signal processing, making it easier to configure measurements.


Documentation at the press of a button

R&S®RTO oscilloscopes help you document measurements, including printing and saving screenshots of the screen content.


SPI bus decoding

R&S®RTO oscilloscopes offer a variety of tools for serial interface analysis.


EMI debugging

This video shows how the R&S®RTO oscilloscope can be used with a near field probe to find and fix EMI issues quickly and reliably during the development at the R&D lab thereby minimizing expensive re-testing and shortening time to market.


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