Application Notes

Multi-TS Streaming Software

The R&S®TSStream multi-TS streaming software streams a number of MPEG transport stream files simultaneously over a single IP interface. The individual transport streams result in a high overall bit rate. To make the streams available on a standard PC, the R&S®TSStream software does not play the transport stream files directly from the hard disk but first loads them into the RAM. The maximum number and length of the transport streams depends solely on the PC's available RAM.


1 Description

1.1 Overview

1.2 Key facts

1.3 Benefits and key features

1.3.1 Streaming of multiple MPEG transport streams over IP

1.3.2 Seamless playout at the MPEG level

1.3.3 Convenient operation thanks to straightforward graphical user interface

2 Specifications

3 Installation and operation of the software

4 Ordering information

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