Application Notes

Replacing R&S® CMU200 with R&S® CMW500 in 2G and 3G Speech Test Applications

The combination of R&S® CMU200 and R&S® UPV is in use for various tests of mobile phone speech functionality, such as acoustic tests according to 3GPP 26.132 or speech quality tests according to ITU-T P.862 (PESQ®) or ITU-T P.863 (POLQA®). This application note explains how to replace the R&S® CMU200 in these tasks with R&S® CMW500.


1 Introduction

1.1 Overview

1.2 Speech input and output level in the CMU200

1.2.1 Decoder Calibration

1.2.2 Encoder Calibration

1.3 Speech input and output level in the CMW500

2 Settings on the R&S® CMW500

2.1 Audio Measurement

2.2 GSM


2.4 CDMA2000®

3 Settings in R&S® UPV Applications

3.1 Acoustic Tests with Option UPV-K9

3.1.1 Versions up to 2.x Equivalence Method CMU-independent Method

3.1.2 Versions from 3.x

3.2 Application Programs 1GA50 and 1GA62

3.2.1 1GA50 and 1GA62 up to version 1.2 Equivalence Method CMU-independent Method

3.2.2 1GA62 from version 1.3

4 Literature

5 Ordering Information

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