Mixers & frequency converters

Mixers are a fundamental element in a wide range of applications such as modulators, phase detectors, frequency converters or synthesizers in many RF and microwave systems. They are a standard building block in wireless communications systems or radar systems. In many cases, the mixer is an important part defining the overall system performance. Thus, it is important to understand and test its performance.

Rohde & Schwarz offers the right test and measurement solution that help you to validate your design.

T&M Solutions

Measure satellite output multiplexers and circulators under real conditions

The R&S®ZNA vector network analyzer offers a dynamic range that is unbeatable on the market. This kind of sensitivity unlocks potential applications that previously could not be addressed with a vector network analyzer.

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Simplifying mixer measurements with the R&S®ZNB

The R&S®ZNB vector network analyzer simplifies instrument configuration and calibration using the mixer measurement wizard and SMARTerCal.

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R&S®ZVA-K9 Measure group delay without LO access

The R&S®ZVA vector network analyzer with the R&S®ZVA-K9 option enables absolute group delay measurements on devices with embedded LO without the need for a calibration mixer

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A 1 MHz to 50 GHz Direct Down-Conversion Phase Noise Analyzer with Cross-Correlation

A new phase noise test instrument covers the frequency range from 1 MHz to 50 GHz with direct down-conversion analog I/Q mixers and baseband signal sampling. The traditional PLL has been replaced by a digital FM demodulator for phase detection and frequency tracking. An additional AM demodulator enables concurrent measurement of phase and amplitude noise.

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Dynamic noise figure measurements

The R&S®FSWP phase noise analyzer is a highend instrument designed to accurately analyze noise performance of key components in radar and communications systems. Using phase noise measurements, a device’s large-signal noise figure can be derived under real-world operating conditions.

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RF/microwave DUT deembedding

Its excellent realtime baseband performance in combination with its ability to easily import the scattering parameters of an active/passive twoport interconnection network via s2p-files make the R&S®SMW200A vector signal generator ideal for high-precision RF and microwave tests requiring deembedding of the device under test (DUT).

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