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Fig. 1: Short-duration radio interference can be easily located using two – or preferably three – compact DF stations installed at exposed sites. The figure shows an R&S®DDF007 portable direction finder with the R&S®ADD107 compact VHF / UHF DF antenna mounted on a wooden tripod.
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Tracking down interference – in vehicles and on foot

No signal goes undetected – the R&S®DDF007 portable direction finder turns any vehicle into a high-precision mobile direction finder in just a few minutes. On foot, when tracking down interference in buildings or in difficult terrain, the direction finder helps operators pinpoint the location of a signal source. With its integrated wideband receiver and compact DF antennas, this compact device is unique on the global market. Designed for flexibility and a broad scope of applications, the R&S®DDF007 redefines what modern direction finding can do.

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