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Educational Seminar: Modern Oscilloscopes - Unlock the full potential

Rohde & Schwarz Benelux would like to invite you to attend our upcoming seminars in February and March 2018 about the right Oscilloscope for your application.

This event is open for anyone who uses an oscilloscope today or, perhaps, in the future. We will run a series of technical presentations and demo zones with our technical experts on hand to resolve all your current and upcoming challenges. During lunchtime and coffee breaks you can have a look at different demo zones showing various applications.

Our educational seminars deliver a day of high quality training & networking, free of charge.

The seminars will be held at various locations:

- Amsterdam - Thursday 15th of February
- Leuven (B) - Tuesday 6th of March

Topics to be covered:

Scope basics refresher

• Have a peek into an Oscilloscope. What is it, how is it controlled and which parameters are important to look out for when deciding on the right oscilloscope for your next design task? Get an update on the technology behind modern digital oscilloscopes.

Probes and probing in different applications

• “No scope without a good probe”; an essential accessory for making reliable and accurate measurements is the connections between the scope and your DUT. In most cases the well-known passive and active probes are used, but in various demanding applications specific probes need to be used. Get an inside how to measure with e.g. differential-, high voltage and current probes, power rail probes, modular probes for PCB/Chip connections, etc.

Signal Integrity measurements

• With continuously increasing data rates, signal integrity aspects of high speed digital designs and the components used become more and more challenging. The session looks at solutions available today to best characterise these signals.

Power Integrity measurements

• Power electronics is one of the basic parts of most electronic devices. If components, boards and systems are required to function and perform as required, a good power distribution network is essential. Besides this, aspects like energy efficiency and extended battery life are continuously gaining significance.

Debugging serial interfaces in embedded electronics and automotive

• Who can imagine a world without our favorite interfaces like USB, HDMI and Ethernet? And what about all the electronics in your car, connected via CAN(-FD), LIN, FlexRay and BroadR-Reach automotive Ethernet. Digital buses and their interfaces have now become the backbone of every modern design. Oscilloscopes are great tools to verify your design at an early stage and to ensure interoperability.


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