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  • Different frequency data export using ASCII trace export SCPI commands

  • How to check if the signal level exceeds a threshold

    For better understanding, please click on image.We like to define a threshold line using these remote commandsFSV: CALC:THR:STAT ONFSV: CALC:THR -45DBMand then want to check if the signal is above this threshold line.How can we do this?The threshold line defines the marker search limits. For example, the threshold line defines the minimum power for the marker peak search. It is not possible to use

  • SCPI Command Tracking

    How do I perform SCPI command tracking?Using command tracking on the R&S FSL/FSV:- Turn on command tracking using the menu Setup/General Setup/GPIB/(FSL: More)/I/O Logging On- Start the remote program- After executing the remote program, you can browse through the log file located in the following folders:c:\R_S\Instr\scpilogging\ScpiLog.txtor for newer firmware versions:c:\Program Files\Rohde-Schwarz

  • How do I calculate the logarithmic frequency steps for the horizontal axis?

  • Sending a Remote Control Ccommand Internally

    I need to send a remote control command to the device, but I do not have a PC available to control the device.Can I do this internally with the device itself?Yes, Go to the device's Windows function Open the Windows Explorer Open the C:\Program Files\Rohde&Schwarz\Network Analyzer\Bin folder Execute the iecwin32.exe program Choose the RSIB interface and push the Connect Now button Now you can write

  • Remote Command for getting Tx Power from Spectrum Emission Mask?

    The spectrum emission mask shows the Tx Power.Whatis the remote command to get the Tx Power value?To read the Tx Power value remotely (blue arrow), use the following command:CALCulate1:MARKer1:FUNCtion:POWer:RESult? CPOWer.To read the Peak Power remotely, please useCALCulate1:MARKer1:FUNCtion:POWer:RESult? PPOWerThis example shows how to use the above-mentioned commands:FSV: *RSTFSV: *CLSFSV: SENSe

  • Self Alignment via remote control via TCP/IP => 'CAL?

    I want to make the Self Alignment via remote control with the command 'CAL?'.Because this takes sometimes a very long time how can I detect the end.In the manual is mentioned to use a SRQ, but this does not work when I use a TCP/IP connectionYes, the SRQ line is a hardware line with the IEEE bus and this does not work with normal TCP/IP. So we cannot use it.Because the calibration command is a query

  • FFT filter used in spectrum analyser FSV

  • Spectrum Analyzers - Export of trace data into a CSV file via remote control

    Name Last Modified SizeFPL_Measurement_to_CSV.zip Dec 10, 2020 77 kB

  • Remotely reading the Tx Power shown in the Spectrum Emission Mask measurement

    In the Spectrum Emission Mask measurement, the value of Tx Power is shown. Please see the picture below(Tx Power 3.39 dBm). Which remote command allows me to read this value?Use this remote command to get the Tx Power value:CALCulate1:MARKer1:FUNCtion:POWer:RESult? CPOWerUse this remote command to get the Peak Power value (not shown in the screenshot above):CALCulate1:MARKer1:FUNCtion:POWer:RESult?

  • Dongle necessary for FS-K96?

    Is an FSPC license dongle (1310.0002.03) always needed to run the FS-K96 software?Yes, the FSPC is always needed for doing measurements. Without an FSPC and a license key, the FS-K96 software will operate in the demo mode - with no analyzer connection and access to only a few demonstration files.There are, however, two different versions of K96:FS-K96PC (1310.0219.06) can be run on a PC and used with

  • Remote reading of the information in the status bar?

    Please advise me of a way/method (if applicable) of (remotely) reading the information in the status bar.First, enter a query for the questionable register:The result is:2304 = 2^11 + 2^82^11 is the sync register.64 equals 2^6In the manual, you will find the following information:If you use our RSSPECAN driver, you can get the register by means of rsspecan_getStatusRegister

  • I/Q mode data transfer

    Receiving the I and Q values via remote control. How are the I and Q values inserted into the data stream?Remote reading of I/Q data from the R&S FSVThe description explains the formats of the I/Q data readout in binary mode. The order of the I and Q information in the binary byte stream is specified by transfer format. Three different transfer formats have been specified.The remote command for specifying

  • Measurement points of a spectrum analyzer

  • How can I Switch from Remote to Local State via Remote Control?

    How can I switch from remote to local state via remote control?Using a GPIB connection, you can send a Go To Local (GTL) command.If you use VISA, the command is viGpibControlREN and you have to send the VI_GPIB_REN_DEASSERT_GTLmode.You can also use this solution when you perform programming with drivers.If you use the GPIB driver, you need the GTL command.

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