R&S®GP2000 Remote Control Processor

For upgrading radios to R&S Series 2000 standard or split-site control

Base Unit
Hardware Options
  • Data Link Processor

    Automatic link establishment (ALE)

    The ALE Processor R&S GS2200 automatically sets up the optimum radiocommunication link using the adaptive Rohde & Schwarz ALIS procedure or FED-STD-1045A (MIL-STD-188-141B, App A + B).

  • HF Modem

    Fast and reliable data transmission up to 9600 bit/s

    The transmission rate can be markedly increased (up to 9600 bit/s) by means of the internal HF Modem R&S GM2200. This enables the transmission and reception of telefax messages, computer data, and colour video still pictures, for example. Connection between the data terminal (fax machine, video camera) and the R&S XK2000 is made by a communication workstation or an equivalent PC with appropriate software.

  • Automatic Phone Patch (APP)

    Shortwave telephone links

    The optional Automatic Phone Patch (APP) R&S GN2100 allows a telephone to be linked up to a private automatic branch exchange (PABX). The ALE Processor R&S GS2200 establishes the radio link with the called subscriber, who can be dialled directly in half-duplex mode; transmit/receive switchover is voicecontrolled by means of a VOX circuit. The R&S GN2100 automatically adapts itself to telephone lines of varying quality. Instead of the PABX, direct connection can be made to the public switched telephone network (PSTN), provided official regulations make allowance for this. As a matter of course, the R&S XK2000 family offers all the amenities of a modern telephone set: short-code dialling memory, optional pulse or dual-tone multifrequency dialling (DTMF).

  • Voice Processing Unit (VPU)

    High quality of speech and privacy

    Using digital signal processing (DSP), the Digital Voice Processing Unit R&S GN2110 considerably improves speech intelligibility by suppressing noise and interference in the transmission or reception mode. This option also allows voice control of squelch and VOX circuits. A speech scrambler can be fitted in addition to provide security against interception.

  • EMC Filter ALE/APP

    Mandatory for operation of Data Link Processor R&S®GS2200 and/or Automatic Phone Patch R&S®GN2100

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