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video description FSVR Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

The FSVR is the first spectrum analyzer with two analysis modes: conventional (heterodyne) spectrum analysis and real-time (FFT) analysis. In addition, the instument offers various functions to analyze digital or analog modulated signals. Thus the user is well prepared for any measurement task, from very fast full-span overview measurements up to the detection of sporadic interferers or the monitoring of frequency-hopping radio systems.

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Webinar: New insights into the dynamic behaviour of RF systems using realtime spectrum analysis

In modern spectrum analyzers, digital signal processing results in blind time after every sweep or data capturing procedure. In many applications, vital information is lost due to these blind slots. Therefore, for their development and optimization tasks, designers of synthesizers, radar systems and other transmitters not only need spectrum analyzers, they also need instruments with real-time signal processing capability or a spectrum signal analyzer combined with a real-time spectrum analyzer. The R&S®FSVR real-time spectrum analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz offers new insights into the dynamic behavior of RF systems.

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“One-box” solution

At the European Microwave Week 2011, Rohde & Schwarz presented the new R&S®SMZ frequency multipliers which offer precise and adjustable output levels from 50 GHz to 110 GHz. The precalibrated R&S®SMZ is automatically detected and controlled by means of the R&S®SMF100A microwave signal generator via USB, including frequency and level settings. The instruments operate like a single unit and are controlled from the signal generator. The generated signals are measured with the R&S®FSVR real-time spectrum analyzer and harmonic mixers.

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