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  • T&M instruments for use anywhere

    News Magazine No. 214 - 2016/1T&M instruments for use anywhereSome measurements require using battery-powered mobile devices. Two new models demonstrate what the handheld class can do today.German (PDF, 6 MB) English (PDF, 6 MB) French (PDF, 6 MB) Spanish (PDF, 6 MB) Articles of this issue by section WirelessTesting IP-based wireless voice servicesChannel sounding – in search of frequencies for

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  • Precise antenna characterization

    News Magazine No. 211 - 2014/2Precise antenna characterizationTest and DF antennas are only as good as the T&M equipment used to characterize them. The new Rohde & Schwarz antenna test chamber makes it possible to characterize antennas under test (AUT) with utmost precision – the prerequisite for creating highly accurate antennas.English (PDF, 7 MB) German (PDF, 7 MB) Spanish (PDF, 7 MB) French (

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  • Clean compliance

    News Magazine No. 215 - 2016/2Clean complianceOnly approved devices are allowed to emit radiation. All others must be spectrally discreet. A new EMI test receiver checks compliance with limit values in record time.English (PDF, 7 MB) German (PDF, 7 MB) French (PDF, 7 MB) Spanish (PDF, 7 MB) Articles of this issue by section WirelessTriangular relationshipRED – new radio equipment directive for

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  • Keeping an eye on video quality

    News Magazine No. 218 - 2017/2Keeping an eye on video qualityBroadcasters and streaming service providers use automatic systems to monitor their transmissions – from the playout center, on the road and in the cloudGerman (PDF, 10 MB) English (PDF, 9 MB) French (PDF, 9 MB) Spanish (PDF, 9 MB) Articles of this issue by section WirelessEnd-to-end assessment of mobile video services General-purpose

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  • Entry class

    News Magazine No. 217 - 2017/1Entry classLow-cost T&M instruments with top equipment and dataGerman (PDF, 13 MB) Spanish (PDF, 11 MB) French (PDF, 11 MB) English (PDF, 11 MB) Articles of this issue by section WirelessKey technologyWideband amplifier measurements for 5G with up to analysis bandwidthWLAN 802.11ax speeds up communications in multi-user scenariosConnected car, IoT and mobile devices

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  • Security through technology

    News Magazine No. 216 - 2016/3Security through technologyA new body scanner ensures greater airport security without compromising passenger convenience.English (PDF, 7 MB) French (PDF, 6 MB) German (PDF, 7 MB) Spanish (PDF, 6 MB) Articles of this issue by section WirelessR&S®SMW200A vector signal generator: testing WLAN 802.11ad up to First over-the-air power measurement solution for 5G and

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  • Communication with the orbit

    News Magazine No. 219 - 2018/1Communication with the orbitSatellites are indispensable for long-distance communications and broadcasting. New products for planning and operating links support their optimal use.German (PDF, 15 MB) French (PDF, 14 MB) Spanish (PDF, 14 MB) English (PDF, 15 MB) Articles of this issue by section WirelessOTA test system for 5G base stationsMeasurements that simulate

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  • USB power sensors for all applications

    News Magazine No. 208 - 2013/1USB power sensors for all applicationsRohde & Schwarz power sensors offer maximum precision in a handheld design. Measurement results can now even be displayed on a smartphone. Also in this issue: the first sensor to cover the frequency range from DC to 110 GHz.English (PDF, 8 MB) German (PDF, 8 MB) French (PDF, 7 MB) Spanish (PDF, 8 MB) Articles of this issue by

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  • Highly efficient transmitter networks

    News Magazine No. 204 - 2011/2Highly efficient transmitter networksWith the R&S®THU9 UHF high-power transmitters, Rohde & Schwarz has launched a system that perfectly combines diverse efficiency aspects. Featuring unique efficiency, excellent configurability, market-leading power density and a user-tailored operating concept, this transmitter family redefines efficiency for broadcast transmitters.

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  • IP revolutionizes headends

    News Magazine No. 207 - 2012/3IP revolutionizes headendsFrom the broadcasting studio to the antenna, Rohde & Schwarz offers a nearly complete range of equipment and systems developed and produced by the company itself. Now one of the few remaining gaps has been closed: Rohde & Schwarz has developed and launched an innovative type of headend which revolutionizes headend architecture: Instead of

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