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Test solutions in a complex world: the 5th generation of radar systems is under development

With the new autonomous and accident-free driving vision, radar sensors together with other sensors such as Lidar, cameras and ultrasound are becoming a key technology for current and future advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Radar sensors are already being introduced in today's vehicles in order to avoid critical situations and reduce the overall number of accidents.

The radar sensor is considered an essential pillar of road safety since it enables a detailed image of the surroundings, mainly independent of environmental influences. The 77/79 GHz frequency ranges with higher bandwidths (up to 4 GHz) feature increased range resolution of only a few centimeters. Today, fast chirps, which are more susceptible to interference than slow frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) signals, are used for better object recognition.

Your challenges

However, when ensuring driver assistance functions, multiple challenges arise. New legislation such as UN ECE R79 CAT C (for lane change assistant) and the radio equipment directive (RED) require improved quality assurance. The accuracy of mounting automotive radar systems in production lines and repair shops needs to be optimized as well. Additionally, hardware-in-the-loop testing of radar systems using moving target simulation will gain more importance in the future.

Benefits of our solutions

  • Less development effort through using Rohde & Schwarz technology and products in all areas – from R&D to production
  • Increased quality of your developments using industry-proven products, e.g. high-tech body scanners in airports and radar testing technology in the aerospace and defense market
  • Optimal education of your engineers with training from the market leader in high frequency
  • Secure, future-proof investments in products from a supplier who strategically focuses on automotive radar technology

For more detailed information, see our flyer "Excellence in precision solutions of automotive radar".

Automotive radar solutions

Signal analysis for high-frequency radar signals

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Ensuring the quality of radomes and bumpers

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Interference – disturbance of high-frequency signals

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Target/object simulation for R&D and production

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ICMIM 2020

Rohde & Schwarz at ICMIM 2020

ICMIM 2020 is created to cover all key enabling technologies and possible applications for intelligent vehicle mobility, components, circuits, systems and signals processing. Potential applications address automated land, sea and airborne vehicles, automotive radar and other sensing techniques, navigation and localization, mobile communications, driver assistance and over-the-air testing.

Visit ICMIM 2020 and attend a lecture by Leander Humbert, Technology Manager for Radars at Rohde & Schwarz, with the topic “Testing of MIMO radar sensors”.

  • Event: IEEE MTT-S International Conference on Microwaves for Intelligent Mobility 2020
  • Location: Campus of Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
  • Date: Deferred to July (calender week 28 or 29) due to spread of COVID-19
Enabling the next generation of ADAS radar chips

See the difference - next generation 4D imaging radar technology

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Automotive radar sensors

Transmit sSignal analysis and intereference tests

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Analysing RF pulses

Demodulating radar RF pulses with an oscilloscope

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Final Testing of RF sensors

Final tests of automotive radar sensors made easy

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All-in-one radar testing

Comprehensive lab -solution for automotive radar testing

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Above 50 GHz testing

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ADAS radar waveforms

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Free webinar: Automotive radar test solutions using high-performance oscilloscopes

In this webinar, you will learn details about analyzing pulses and chirps with oscilloscopes.

Language: English
Duration: 28 min

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Free webinar: Comprehensive radar integration testing

This webinar will focus on the integration of radar sensors in future autonomous vehicles. Please register to watch the webinar.

Language: English
Duration: 43 min

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Download automotive radar infographic

Automotive radar infographic

43% of all accidents take place in urban areas. Download our automotive radar infographic.

Automotive radar infographic

By 2023 global automotive radar market ist projected to reach approx. 10 billion USD. Download our automotive radar infographic.

Automotive radar infographic

50 to 80 is the typical cycle time in ms of an up-to-date long-range radar sensor. Download our automotive radar infographic.

Our experts

Holger Gryska

Holger Gryska, Market Segment Manager Automotive Radar

"Radar is already the key sensor to enable safer and better ADAS functions with high innovation potential and possible resolutions similar to today’s Lidar. As a leader for benchmarking RF test solutions, we enable our partners to excel in the development and integration of the next level of automotive radar sensors and modules."

Andreas Reil

Andreas von Lösecke, Product Management Microwave Imaging

"The integration of automotive radar sensors into vehicles can be very challenging: Designers require a smooth and pleasant finish, engineers require a distortion free field view for the radar sensor. The R&S®QAR provides an easy to interpret method for checking the radar compatibility of design emblems and bumpers."

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Automotive radar technology day

Experts share their knowlegde about current challenges concerning the highly dynamic development of radar sensor technology.

Save the date: May 26, 2020
Location: Munich / Germany

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